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So, I'm thinking 5 steps ahead as usual.  Now that chemo is over, I'm looking more closely at my hair.  At the moment, I've got some grey and brown regrowth on the sides and some longer, sparse sections along the top that are white (and I don't think ever fell out).  I know there's not much point doing anything at present until I see some real growth but wondering if anyone has any recommendations for semi-permanent home colour.  Unfortunately, I'm not in the financial position to see the hairdresser for colour (and while she's lovely and probably wondering where I am, she's got her bills to pay, too) so I would like to know the brands that others have used that have been successful and gentle.  I'm not thinking about anything drastic at first - just something that will give me a bit of a lift - so, maybe a very light brown or blonde that will take on post-chemo hair.


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    You can see by my profile pic my hair is usually long and dark auburn and nowadays a little grey but it hides underneath the longer stuff.
    After chemo it came back nearly all grey and in tight curls! As that grew out I kept it in a short hair cut and eventually the color came back properly and the curls went away. I didn't bother dying it at all but I did get some ribbing for a while about my curls. 
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    L’oreal Casting is a nice product and available in supermarkets- on special this week at Woolies.
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    I gave up this time and have gone natural. Which is a piebald black and grey arrangement. It is getting darker again after being silver for nearly twelve months.
    After BC V1 I used a wash out colour, which didn't really as it stuck to the grey. Now I don't have any enthusiasm for soaking my head in chemicals every couple of weeks. I'm too lazy to bother, which is the other issue. Foils  might be nice, but they are expensive.
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    Hey @Sister.  Although I was in a bit of a different position the stuff that had shed out and had started to grow back was really dark, curly and a lot of grey.  Kind of looked a bit like a weird chicken.  Long hair with all this short curly waves through the top.  LOL.
    it scared the hell out of me putting a colour in the first time.  I was supposed to wait three months after chemo but no, couldn't stand it for that long. I think it was about 6wks. .  For the first time I used Garnier Olia (no ammonia) and only left it on a short while, about half the time they say.  Just enough to cover the grey and lift the colour a bit. Then used that one again in another 6 wks.  It worked quite well, smelled nice and kept the hair soft. Back to the hard core super blonde now though :smiley:
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    Thanks, all!
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    Hi my hair was dark prior and I straightened it.  I tried over the counter products that I use to use when it started to grow back it went Ronald McDonald red lol so then I let it grow a bit did go to hairdresser foiled top blonde I've kept it short up until 2 months ago then decided i wanted hair back