Some people say the strangest things!

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I'm dealing with some tendonitis from Arimidex. I am wearing kinesiology tape on both my wrist and my leg. Ridiculously when I go to my physio they only seem to have the tape in bright colours - currently hot pink camo on my wrist and black cow spots on my leg. At least it doesn't have flashing lights!!
So I'm walking (actually limping) up the street yesterday and a man about 30 years old (so not a little kid who simply doesn't know any better) yells out about the tape and how weird it looks. I already felt a bit self conscious but everyone within 50 metres turned and stared at us. I told myself that they were looking at him because he was the one yelling out but I just wanted to disappear. I haven't felt this way since I had no hair or eyebrows or eyelashes.
Pretty sure he must be on the Autism spectrum (if not he's just a total idiot) and I keep telling myself he is definitely living with more problems than me. 
But what I hate is that this bloody fluorescent tape has made my issues SO OBVIOUS!! Everyone I meet asks me about it and I think I need to invent some incredible absailing misadventure, snow skiing accident, or something exotic to explain it because it always comes back to my BC. Next physio visit I'm taking my own BEIGE tape and demanding that they use that. 
I'm so over being the girl with BC - I just want to get on with my life.


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    Bighuggs Harley .
    Seems a bit lke child bandaids
    ..or some have permanent foot inmouth
     maybe start wearing gym gear ..lifting weights hughhh
    If it was cooler in would be invisible 

    Treat yourself 
    You are special 
    Bright in hope
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    Why is it always up to us to be nice when stuff like that happens. Grrr. Yes, I know that the guy was probably somehow impaired (stupidity doesn't count) but, Sheesh, you get tired of sucking this nonsense up. I want to bite them.
    Kmart had physio tape that was a dull green colour, don't know if they still do. It made me itch, but lots of things do that. I buy a roll at a time from the Lymphoedema physio at the hospital. It's not cheap but it's not leopard print either. 
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    Yes,there is a lot to be said for beige,mediocre and boring!
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    Just say it was a surf board accident. Idiots. 
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    Right now I am so over being bald with peach fuzz and no eyelashes or eyebrows as what I am going through and have gone through is not private.  Finished chemo.
    Start rad next week and I just want it to be private but a semi bald women tends to stand out.

    I have gone back to work part time/short days and someone asked who hadn't heard about my journey asked in all seriousness.... 'Did you shave your head to be funny or was it something a bit more serious'.

    Or my personal favourite from my hairdresser upon me telling her I was being treated for breast cancer....'yes we have had a few women here who have had breast cancer, of course they are all angels now.  Just let us know when you are ready for a haircut'..... yeah not going back there!

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    Jeez some real charmers up your way @ SamJgS. People are naturally curious about differences whether they stare or actively try not to or worse like the clown on the autism spectrum who by the way came off worse in the conversation than you did. In the scheme of things it’s annoying but not sure it’s worth the emotional energy  with bigger matters to focus on. A bit of venting at the time is probably all that’s necessary.However when you feel like it with people that you feel like explaining to do so and the rest can go jump.Hey I’d keep the fluoro tape - sounds pretty as well as functional
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    Yes, sometimes flying under the radar is just not possible and when that happens, I have a tendency to go the other way so I'd probably keep the fluoro tape, too.  And come up with some doozies of "explanations" for people.  It's when you're feeling particularly low that it's difficult.  At least for most of us, it's only temporary - some people have to deal with the stares and stupid comments all of their lives.  That must be horrendous.
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    Hi there @HarleyB and @SamJgS Id be rocking the coloured tape love! but then I wore bright coloured bandanas too! I just ended up laughing it off when people commented as it happened all the time! The tape is a sign of strength and you my love like all of us are fucking warriors. Be proud of yourself for kicking the arsehole that is breast cancer in the balls. I know you said it makes you "stand out" but be proud to stand out as the warrior you are. The dick who commented on them is an idiot, unfortunately the world is full of them and that's not going to change, and I bloody hate beige, its so dull and dreary I have a mastectomy bra that colour that is just awful, hence why I bought the "Chrissy" bra from Berlei, Chrissy was a rock goddess and although I have been known to pic a mic and sing my arse off at the pub pissed like know one was watching(just once I looong time ago)  and trust me there is no similarity there to her, but I felt like a rock goddess when I was finished my treatment and so should you. And trust me feeling like a cancer patient will pass with time, it still rears its ugly head with me occasionally but only when I go for my checkups now thank god!. You could just tell people you are wearing the tape for a charity thing, perhaps that might shut them up! Otherwise just tell them all to piss off when people ask about "my boobs and why they look so big these days" I pull my crocheted titties and say "that's why"  that's what I do now anyway. so worth it for the look on their face!.   biggest hug. 
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    @onemargie - you always give me a laugh, even at 5 in the morning after not sleeping!  Your anecdote about the knockers reminded me of a lady (?) I knew.  Not cancer related, but she used to stuff socks down her bra because she didn't feel she was well enough endowed - when her feet got cold, she'd whip the socks out to wear them!
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