How long do I have?

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My breast cancer has spread to my lungs. I know it’s like how long is a piece of string because each cancer and person is different. But I really want to know. At least an average life expectancy!


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    It really does depend on how aggressive the tumors are and what treatment suits you. Some do go in to remission which means it sort of stalls the spread indefinitely. Could be months, could be over a decade. Every one is different. In palliative care a new aspect comes in to play, treatment verse quality of life. It can be a bit of a juggling act. Here's hoping you have a slow growing less aggressive one. <3
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    Hi and I'm sorry to hear of your new devastating  news. 

    I know a lady who has had lung mets for over 2 years. Her tumours have responded to treatment and no further growth. It's impossible to predict how your individual cancer will respond. There are many different treatment options.  Talk with your oncologist about these options. You will find they are reluctant to give time frames also though as it varies widely between patients. Kath x
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    Have you ordered the resource kit for metestatic breast cancer.

    There is a group you can join to speak with other ladies with similar diagnosis. Link below.

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    @jane18, just want to send you a big hug. Xx 
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    Hi Jane big big huggs
    Big breaths...its  early days for this mbc  crazyiness
    What we have to understand is that the timeline for most of us moves as we respond to a  therapy regime.
    your oncologist wiould like to be honest in giving a ballpark time ..

    .what happens is that some of our individual  cance r types  will have good reactions to therapy for a long time..
    what makes it easier is when the checkup after scans results is a stable outcome.
    The goal post with types of therapy change as we try a new therapy 

    Many here have mbc to bones and other sites and continue to respond to therapy over many years
    We are lucky to have many new therapy options available

    What cancer type did the biopsy indicate?
    Keep on posting
    All the best 
    Bright in hope

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    Big Hugs  o:) o:)
    I have friend thats got this also very sad 

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