The Beaconess Poem

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Hi Pink Gals

It was really great to meet so many new women at the Summit and catch up with the girls I did my CL training with last year. Not to mention all the gorgeous BCNA staff who support us!!

What a fabulous experience and one that leaves you wanting more, but at the same time exhausted from just the 3 days! So full on, so much to learn, so many women to try to talk to and learn from and share with. It is an emotional journey attending the Summit, from listening to the stories shared by the speakers to just chatting with the women at morning tea breaks, lunch breaks, dinner breaks, drinks, etc.

How much fun too! Lots of laughs, lots of memories created ... particularly at the dinner party on Friday night ... can you believe the security guy and his dance moves?? Hmmm, can't wait to see those photos!!!

Speaking of photos, does anyone know when the Summit pics will go live on the network? They will certainly be great, but OMG I don't envy the photographer going through the thousands upon thousands of images he must have taken during the 3 days. That alone will be a massive undertaking just selecting the pics to upload!

The pics with Raelene look great and what a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness within our community. Looks like he's a great photographer! Got our best sides!

Anyway, I have uploaded the poem I wrote to my profile as a Blog if anyone wants to read it.

Thank you to all of you for making the Summit, particularly my first, something to remember and treasure forever.

Take care and Pink it Up Babes - you all Rock!