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Will I see my girls grow up

casgirl123 Member Posts: 5
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only finished my treatment in November. Chemo and radiotherapy as preventative treatment after successful lumpectomy that had spread to 2 lymph nodes. Now on holidays in Queensland and after a freak accident at Movie World that hurt my ribs I had a CT scan to check for damage I have received the devastating news that I have 8 - 10 tumours in my lungs! I can't help but assume the worst. How long will I realistically have before I die? 


  • Mollygirl
    Mollygirl Member Posts: 213
    @casgirl123, Thats a devastating blow. Please don't think I'm being trite when I say ' try to stay calm' trust your medical team that they will have treatment that will smash these tumours. I'm thinking of you. Bec xxoo
  • socoda
    socoda Member Posts: 1,767
    @casgirl123 I'm so sorry I can't help you with an answer for that and it must be incredibly frightening to be given this diagnosis. I am sure that the lovelies on here will be able to give you some information. I know it doesn't seem like it but this freak accident that has made you have the CT scan could ultimately be the best thing that could have happened to you as now the tumors have been discovered and can now have treatment aimed at them. Perhaps you could try phoning the Cancer Council 131120 to talk to as well and they may also be able to give some indication about what type of treatments are available.Sending you a huge hug. Xx Cath
  • Afraser
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    I know this must be terrible news for you, and you are very brave in trying to look at your future realistically. But many people live with cancer and so your next steps are to get more information about your treatment options. You sound as if you have some very strong incentives to help you look for the best outcomes, not just fear the worst. You've had the strength and tenacity to get through chemo and radiotherapy, so there is a well to draw on again to get information, facts and advice. I am sure others who have faced this news can share their experiences with you. All of that will help you through this period and how to deal with it. My best wishes.
  • lrb_03
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    Hi @casgirl123. I'm so sorry to hear that news. It must feel frightening and overwhelming at the moment. Wait till you see you team, and come up with a plan. Easy words for me to say. I'm not where you are at the moment. Again, easy words for me, but many women are living for many years with metastatic bc now, and there are a variety of treatment options, depending on your bc sub type.
    Thinking of you, Lyn
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  • SoldierCrab
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    casgirl123, I am tagging some ladies who have mets. 
    @wendy_h67 @Karen_C they will have some good information for you from dealing with Mets.

    I am so sorry that you have been found to have tumours in your lungs. 
    But I want to say like Socoda that the accident is a a good thing in that they have found the tumours something you obviously were not having pain from etc. or other symptoms.

    YOU can order the Hopes and Hurdles kit https://www.bcna.org.au/resources/

     I am sure ladies who have mets will answer your questions I know that from a few I have read about they are alive and have a quality life over 10years down the track. 

    Hugs and energy to deal with this shock. 

  • Rosie_BCNA
    Rosie_BCNA Member Posts: 217
    Casgirl123 I will send you a pm
  • steplightly
    steplightly Member Posts: 185
    Hey @casgirl123 Wow, what a shock for you and a whirlwind of thoughts crashing in all around you.  I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling right now.. No advice from me just want to encourage you to take a breath and praying for courage and strength in these uncertain days for you.  Hugs and we are here if you need us. You are not alone. xo
  • Zoffiel
    Zoffiel Member Posts: 3,374
    @casgirl123 I don't know what to say. You are in my thoughts tonight, which will make absolutely no fucking differnce at all but it is the best I can do. Good luck. Marg xx
  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    My thoughts are with you,  I can only imagine how Earth shattering this is. Treatment for mets has come a long way be mindful of this. If stabilised and tumors shrink who knows how long they will just stay the same. We have ladies here 10 years plus with metsatic bc. We are all hoping we will be reading of you being one if them. Kath x
  • Sister
    Sister Member Posts: 4,960
    @casgirl123 I can only echo what others have said - treatments are so much better and since the tumours have been found, your medical team can work with it.  I can't offer any advice just that my thoughts are with you and your family.
  • onemargie
    onemargie Member Posts: 1,264
    Fucking hate cliches but the accident has been a blessing in a way. Especially since I’m assuming you’ve had no other symptoms that would indicate you had any issues?. It’s enough you’ve been through chemo and now this,  it must be hard to get your head around for sure. Talk to your team regarding your treatment options take it one day at a time. There are some lovelies on the forum who have been through the same thing and can give you the advice you need Biggest hug. Margie xxx