Not the best start to 2018

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Don't really know what to say, so here goes

Was over the moon just over a week ago, I was so excited to have booked flight's back home to the UK to celebrate Christmas 2018 with our family and friends.  Two days later I found a lump in my breast and it's been confirmed this week that I have 2 lumps in my left breast (Grade 2) and I have to have surgery. I think I am still in complete shock and just keep thinking why me?  There is no history of breast cancer in our family.  I have never been part of a forum before but looking through some of the post's yesterday I thought this would be good for me.  I know I have a long road ahead and I am positive but also so scared.  It is tough with all our family being in the UK but we have some very good friends here who will be very supportive.



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    Thinking of you @JoB. I know you will get lots of support on here and from your friends here and your family in the UK. It must be terribly stressful having booked your trip and then finding out you have breast cancer. It is a long road, but take it step by step. The Cancer Council has excellent counsellors and nurses as does BCNA. Use them, they help a lot with all kinds of issues. I still think why me? at times. All the best. x
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    Hi @JoB. You will find so much info, advice and support on this network from women who have gone through this.  I'm only a month from diagnosis and I spent ages trawling through the different discussions to familiarise myself with options and terminology so that I had questions to ask the medical people and some reassurance about what might be to come. It is shocking and terrifying but just try to focus on what is immediately ahead and come online when you need support or advice.
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    Welcome @JoB, I remember those feelings of shock and thinking why me. This website has been so valuable to me with advice, tips and hearing everyone's unique story. I am from NZ, so like you my friends and family are back home but just getting messages and phone calls really does help you get through those tough days. I have triple negative breast cancer and I am half way through chemo now, surgery will be after that for me. I had no family history and still awaiting my gene testing results. Keep positive, focus on what you can achieve at the moment and keep doing the things you love and enjoy. Rachel x
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    Good Morning @JoB ;
    sorry you have had need to join us, we are a supportive bunch of men and women affected by BC.

    here are some links for you 

    The what and how thread. (how to use the forum) go to the first page on post and then you see any help you need. 

    Breast Care Nurses Do  you have one yet ? you can find your nearest on the below link. 

    My Journey Kits and other resources. Have you ordered a Kit yet.

    Breathe and take it one step at a time. 


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    I have never been part of a forum and wasn't sure it was my thing,but I have found it to be invaluable and great place to ask questions and get support. I remember those why me feeling well and this can't really be happening, I wish you lots of love ❤️ 
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    It is a shock but most people find it easier to come to terms with it all when they have more details about their diagnosis and proposed treatment. I hope you will do so too. Sadly no family history of cancer (of any kind) doesn't protect as you might hope - I was in the same boat. Also hard with family at such a distance. SoldierCrab has provided some really good links, and they will be lots of people here to help you on the road ahead. Think positive if you can. I had stage 2, HER positive, 5 years ago and just went through my check ups at the end of last year with no evidence of disease (or NED, a word we like!). Best wishes.
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    Hi  @JoB ;

    Sorry you had to join the forum but as was said before it is invaluable.  I am form the UK as well so am in the same boat as you every one is still back there.  But it sounds like you have a good support network which is good.  Its a tough journey but you will get there in the end.  We are planning a trip back next year for parents Golden wedding, Fathers 70th and my 50th.  What part of the UK are you from we are from Somerset (where the cider apples grow!!!) 

    It all seems a bit surreal at the start but all the appointments and hospital visits become second nature after a while and i know it sounds stupid but when you reach the end you kind of miss it ( that's where i am now Crazy!!!!)

    Take care and best whishes
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    Welcome to the network @JoB
    Yes, it is always a shock but you are a woman and are stronger than you think.
    The ladies on here are so supportive and you may make some good friends along the way - sometimes you just ''click'' from reading posts and can message each other privately rather than on the open forum.
    Don't panic until you have information of the treatments being planned as your trip may still be very possible - and that plan will give you a great boost along the way.
    Check out the available groups on here, too, as one may suit you (like the Younger Womens group).  If you give an indication in your next post of your rough location ladies who live nearby will certainly make contact and support you.
    All the best
    Summer   :)
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    It's only January, you got plenty of time for the UK trip. Get in, get it out, get it poisoned, get it nuked and by Christmas you will be sporting a short curly very stylish bit of new hair for your trip. <3
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    Hi @JoB, Welcome to a forum of very loving & caring people just like you! I was diagnosed early December & had my operation 4 days before Christmas so I too am new to this forum. I came into this very naive but someone on this website told me that you learn very quickly & you do. Ask us any questions as there will be someone who can help you. Timing was not on your side but then it never is with cancer. It will be tough for you with family in the UK but you have a special family here with all of us. Good luck & one thing I have learnt very quickly is that there are so many different stages & courses with this disease so don't panic about something that may never happen or you may never even have to deal with. There are many roads but you may only need to travel down a few. Just focus on what you know instead of what may never happen. I started panicking about chemo, mastectomy & many other things but I was a lucky one & never had to go down those paths. Keep breathing, stay positive & you will find much strength from the ladies here, the breast care nurses & hospital staff. It is quite overwhelming how much support you will get. Lots of love. xxxx
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    Christmas 2018 is a long way away. Treatment can be a drag and take up far too much of your time, but you've got twelve months to knock it over and get all glammed up for the trip.
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    Thank you all so much, readings the comments you have all taken the time to write has made my day.  I know I have a long road ahead of me and I will know more when I go back to see the surgeon on Monday.  I have started to write down the questions I want to ask because I know my mind will go blank when he asks me if I have any questions, then I’ll get home and think of so much I wanted to ask him. I am staying positive and I now think I will gain great benefit out of this forum. Thank you xx
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    Take someone with you if you can - it helps with remembering what to ask and what is discussed.
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    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I agree with @Brenda5, Christmas is a long way away and plenty of time to get through this shit journey and have something to look forward to. This is a really hard experience but we keep pushing and do what needs to be done. I had my last of 6 chemo’s today so another stage out the way.

    good luck and keep checking in here for support. X
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    Awesome @TripleTea ! That must be such a relief. Well done. Xxx
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