EttaEtta Member Posts: 16
hi everyone, I'm interested to hear your experiences with Zometa. I am more scared of that than anything else for some reason. Thanks


  • maggie14maggie14 Member Posts: 10
    hi Etta, I am a fan of Zometa , it has helped control the pain from bone mets , reduced  the calcium in my blood ,and  I won't  be a bigger risk of fracture.
    It can be difficult the first few infusions , but  rest and plenty of fluids help.
    I have been on it 21 months now and no problems 
  • PamelamaryPamelamary Member Posts: 215
    Hi Etta,
    I have never had any reaction to Zometa - now on it 3 monthly. As with Xgeva, there is a small risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw, which can be nasty. I am extremely careful about oral health.
    Best wishes.... Pam
  • EttaEtta Member Posts: 16
    Thanks so much, this is so good to hear. Best wishes x
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