Reach to Recovery Taiwan

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Hi Fellow BCNA Members

I am considering attending the Reach to Recovery conference in Taiwan and wondering how many other members are attending.  Could you please let me know - via message if you would prefer, if you are going, when you are arriving and leaving etc.

Have come back from Summit - keen to soak up as much info as I can to be able to pass it on!!

Leanne - South Australia


  • Daina_BCNA
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    Hi Leanne,

    Wow! You are not planning on sitting down for long before you will be off again!

    I know Amanda is attending the Reach to Recovery conference and will be representing BCNA.

    Let us know if you do go :-)


  • Leonie Moore
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    Hi all, I will be keen to hear how it all goes.  I was planning on going but now have reconsidered due to my health etc etc.  The Taiwan ladies are just the best - so lovely, kind and giving.  The language barrier was non-existent when we met them at the Brisbane 15th International Convention a couple of years ago.  So envious.......XLeonie