Ribociclib now available in Australia

scientistscientist Member Posts: 13
I saw yesterday that Ribociclib is now available in Australia:

This is a drug that is similar to palbociclib. Although it's not on the PBS either, I wonder whether the fact that there are now 2 options available from different companies that this will bring the cost down a bit. One can only hope!!

Also I believe that ribociclib is available by Novartis through compassionate access for newly diagnosed women that have not been yet treated with chemotherapy for their metastatic breast cancer.  


  • SouthgirlSouthgirl Member Posts: 66
    Yes @scientist I saw that news yesterday too - it would be great if competition between the two companies brings the price down. (And hopefully leads to PBS listings.)  
    I believe the access scheme for ribociclib is (unfortunately) only for people who have had less than one month's treatment with letrozole or anastrozole following their MBC diagnosis (as well as no chemo).
    I'm grateful that BCNA is so active in advocating for PBS listings - let's hope that it happens soon!
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    I'm about to start on ribociclib. I've been selected to take it under the company's compassionate offer so feeling great relief that I won't have to pay. Wondering if anyone is on it? Would like to find out more regarding side affects? My cancer is also in my liver, I would love to hear from someone else that might have a similar diagnosis. 
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,627
    What a wonderful thing! 
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    Yes, we are feeling very fortunate.
  • SouthgirlSouthgirl Member Posts: 66
    @Tilly45 that's great that you will be able to access ribociclib. Overseas data seems to indicate good results with minimal side effects, so fingers crossed for you!  Good luck, please keep us posted. xx
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    Thank you, I will.

  • Claire LouiseClaire Louise Member Posts: 12
    Hi tilly45
    Ive been on ribociclib for several months now (on compassionate grounds) and doing really well apart from neutropenia....i feel very blessed to be on it as they are having great results in the states with it.....cheers
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    Hi Claire
    that's great news. I'm still waiting to start so hoping things go as well as they are for you.
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    I finally recieved the medication! I have had 3 weeks on and there really haven't been any side affects (white blood cells are dropping though). I just feel so much happier knowing that this medication is helping reduce my cancer. I have lost the feeling of dread that I might not be here for long. I now look at my gorgeous kids with a feeling of optimism. I'm so grateful that my oncologist was able to get me on the compassionate access scheme otherwise there would have been no way that I could have paid $5000 per month. We need this to be on the PBS, what can we do to help?
  • BiddymcfinnisBiddymcfinnis Member Posts: 1
    Hi, nice to read of some others on ribociclib. I was accepted into the study early September. 
  • Tilly45Tilly45 Port MacquarieMember Posts: 68
    That's great, how are you feeling on it?
  • scientistscientist Member Posts: 13
    Does anyone know of any current petitions to get palbociclib and/or ribociclib on the PBS? I know BCNA had one last year but I'm not sure that's still active. I have many friends and family wanting to spread the word - we need to keep the pressure on!
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,490
  • Marianne_BCNAMarianne_BCNA Administrator Posts: 210
    Hi @scientist
    Just a further update. BCNA is launching a campaign re ribociclib and palbociclib in the next couple of days where we will be encouraging our members, their family members and friends to write to their local member of federal parliament and/or Senators to urge them to support the listing of the two CDK inhibitors on the PBS. I'll post the link on the network once it's up.
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