Starting Chemo in two weeks

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Hi Everyone,
I go into hospital tomorrow to remove a triple negative tumor and lymph nodes in my right breast. Very devastated as I thought I had this.
In Feb 2015 I had a double Mastectomy due to large amount of DCIS on right side. At that time I thought I was being a bit drastic but I just wanted it gone. After 2 weeks in hospital I ended up with a blood clot in my right calf and the next 6 months were stockings and tablets, lucky it was during winter. 
In July 15 I had my spacers out and implants in . 4 weeks later I got an infection in my left breast and had to have the implant removed on a Monday night and a new implant back in 4 days later.
March 2016 i found a lump in my right breast at 6 o'clock. I had it removed and it turned out to be Estogen + and since then I have been on Anastrozole.
Because of my paranoia, I scheduled regular 3 monthly ultrasounds. In June the report came back that one of my lymph nodes was a little enlarged and to monitor it.
3 months later in September I had another ultrasound and another lump was found , this time triple negative!
I am having surgery tomorrow and then onto chemo in a couple of weeks and probably radiation after that. I think it depends on the results of the pathology after surgery. I think my Chemo start off with 1 treatment every 3 weeks for 6 to 8 treatments then I don't know what from there.
I cannot believe all this has happened. 
i have been a member since 2015 but I never really went on the site, I have been busy getting fit, trying to counteract my bones getting weaker from the drugs i'm taking and trying very hard to be good and maybe wanting to forget everything, but from now on I'm in and 
I will be a regular viewer as i really do need information and support now.
I have read some stories tonight and have been enlightened to what is ahead of me. 
thank you 


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    Hi Jo I hope you are on the road to recovery xx. Can I please ask if they thought your lump could have been benign? I've got one two yrs after my last lot of implants after a double mastectomy and they are saying it looks like a blood clot but the ultrasound reports says further investigation is needed if it's a "new' lump. My doc doesn't seem concerned because I had dcis before my double mastectomy and no lymph node involvement. But I had necrosis around the dcis. X
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    Hi @JoAyers, welcome and so sorry you've already been through so much. This is a Crap disease for sure , but you're in good company here. Chemo is different for everyone, but not always as bad as you think it may be. Best of luck with it.
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    Hi Jo, I was initially diagnosed in early Feb 2015 and had a bilateral mastectomy.  Like you, I didn't participate too much in the BCNA forum at the time, but have just recently found out that I have progressed to stage 4 with mets on my liver, so have reached out to this fantastic support network to help me through. Just reading some of the other members' past posts has helped me a great deal. When you are going through this, the support and advice of others that have been or going through the same thing is awesome. it certainly helps to know that you are not alone!  Stay strong
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    Hi @JoAyers, So sorry to hear you're having another ride on the rollercoaster. And I personally think that scheduling your tests every three months has turned out to be a very wise move on your behalf. Wishing you all the very best for your surgery today, and for the following treatment. Sending healing vibes and a gentle hug. Xx Cath
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    Hope surgery went well for you. I started my chemo within 6 weeks but I also had reconstruction (plus they lost my referral) I probably could have started by 4 weeks. So shitty you are going through this again. I feel like I've been in treatment the whole time since 2015...well I guess I have since on letrozole now. Rest up. Take care and let us know how it is going. Kath x
  • JoAyers
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    Surgery went well yesterday. More lymph nodes were taken that first thought.  But they did get a clear margin.Not that I think that means anything any more. ( bit of self pitty there!)  But I am positive and really want to stick around because my 4 children are 31 to 23 and none of them have given me a grandchild yet except for the furry ones.
    as far as finding any kind of lump and your doctor says it's just a blood clot or whatever   Take charge of your body, because it's your life. Get it checked out so you know without a doubt it's nothing. 
    I wish now when I had my ultrasound in Late May and it showed a node enlarged a bit. The report said to follow up in 3 months. I should have followed up straight away. I gave the cancer another 15 weeks to grow. It makes me sick thinking about it. But on the other hand if I had waited to see my specialist in December, it would have been further along. So I guess I have to be thankful. 
    My moto with everything in life has always been "no regrets". So take charge of your destiny and if you are concerned about anything. Take charge!  X
  • primek
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    Time now to stop beating yourself up ...if only I did this etc.. it will just send you spiraling down to depression. It just happened. Friggin cancer. But on you part 2 chemo to go. I hope you recovery quickly and chemo is kind to you. Kath x