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Hi I'm new to this whole thing, up until 21/2 weeks ago I had never considered breast cancer as a possibility.
I found a lump in my breast just after coming back from holiday and went to my GP, she sent me off for a mammogram and ultrasound whilst waiting for the appointment i found another lump under my arm.  The results came back with suspected breast cancer so not the best news I've ever had, at my appointment the following week with the surgeon I was categorically told it was breast cancer and was referred for biopsy, CT and bone scan.  I had the CT and bone scan last week and my biopsy is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, so I have another appointment a week today to find out my results.  Can't say I'm looking forward to the biopsy and am worried it will be painful.
I thought I was doing OK and trying to be pragmatic about everything, but had a bit of a breakdown at the weekend which my poor husband bore the brunt of.
I can now think of little else other than my results and what's going to happen next and I'm struggling to concentrate at work.
Only my husband knows what's going on, I haven't managed to tell my family or friends, most of who live in the UK.  When I think about telling them my stomach churns and I feel sick.  I've promised myself I'll tell people when I get the full picture next week but it's not something I'm looking forward to.

Just feel a bit lost at the moment

From reading the posts online this is a fabulous group of supportive souls, 




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    Hi @lezanne75, first of all welcome. No one truly wants to be here but those that are here are truly supportive of everyone. The waiting period for results is the absolute worst. The biopsy isn't painful so let me put your mind to ease on that. They will give you a local anaesthetic and then do the biopsy. You may feel a twinge or two but nothing too bad. 
    It sounds like your Drs are onto everything and have organised your scans which is great. Have you ordered your My Journey Kit yet? There is so much information in it and it will be helpful for both you and your husband. I'm sorry I don't have the link but I'm sure someone else will put it up for you. If not just google and it will pop
    up. It arrives in a couple of days.
    Please ask as many questions as you want to. No question is stupid or silly. There is always someone around who can answer or guide you in. The right direction. All the best for your biopsy and consequent resukts. Let us know how you go. Take care xx Lesley 
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    @lezanne75 sorry forgot to say I would hold off on telling family etx until I knew my resukts and what I was facing too. With my immediate family and close friends I told them individually but for the rest of the people in my life I made a Facebook announcement. I don't know if that is an option for you. My daughter lives in the UK so I get how it's hard. I rang her obviously and spoke to her. Xx Lesley 
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    Hi Lesley

    thanks for your support, i ordered the my journey kit and it arrived yesterday need to make the time to sit with it for a while and take it in.
    Thanks for the information about the biopsy, I was starting to get concerned.  
    Will keep you posted, 
    thanks again
    Lesley (my name too!)xx
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    Hi lezanne75  It is a tough place to be here however you will find genuine and caring women sharing generously their support  The waiting game is the worst but it is literally step by step all the way  I told my husband and best friend first in May the initial stuff then in June when I had a more clear picture told my sons and ither close friends and immediate family  So many ynknowns at the start with questions I couldnt answer  Understandable the build up of emotion It is so challenging to handle and very understandable your breakdown on the weekend  The Bcna network can provide info and support and great resources  I wish you all the best in the next few days if exploration and diagnosis  Take time to breathe and be kind to yourself xo
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    Thanks steplightly, I appreciate your support.

    Just seems to have happened so quickly, will try and take a breath of fresh air

    Thanks again xx

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    There is absolutely no right way of doing this so do what seems best to you. That probably applies to mostly everything, although I would suggest that your medical team is one thing you should listen to carefully.

    I didn't want to tell my daughter till I knew for sure, no point in spreading the worry (I was still hopeful it was all a terrible mistake). Recognising that cancer can happen to you takes time. One of the hardest things is that some of the business seems all very fast and you are left breathless and confused, and some of it (including coming to terms with a changed reality) takes ages. You finally have to just live with that, it's the way it is. Breathe and be assured that once you know what you are facing, it becomes a bit easier. You can focus on what you need to do and that actually helps. This is a good place to talk, nothing is not worth talking about, and it's also a good place to say the things that you may not want to say to those closer to you - whether it's feeling angry, sad or seeing the funny side (there can be one!).  Best wishes.

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    I have had the oddest thoughts that maybe I misheard the doctor, which is ridiculous.  I think I'll feel better when I know what I'm up against and what the next steps are.  Right now I think I'm just dazed and confused, with thoughts buzzing around that have nowhere to go.  
    thanks for your thoughts
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    lezanne75 said:
    Hi Lesley

    thanks for your support, i ordered the my journey kit and it arrived yesterday need to make the time to sit with it for a while and take it in.
    Thanks for the information about the biopsy, I was starting to get concerned.  
    Will keep you posted, 
    thanks again
    Lesley (my name too!)xx

    Hi!   take your time!  The My Journey Kit is a wonderful resource however it is for reading in small sections once perhaps you know a little more about where you are at and pathology results and subsequent treatment.  Within is an opportunity to keep a diary, tabs on medical appointments, another for the costs et cetera
    On this site there are great resources, like what to pack for hospital, https://www.reclaimyourcurves.org.au/information-sheets.html
    as well as defined groups, like Young Women or Choosing Breast Reconstruction and others, dependent on where you are at which may suit you!
    There is always someone on line any time of day or night so search around or put up a post like you've done here and someone will respond.
    Easier said than done but try and take a few deep breaths and concentrate on now.  The what if, how, what, went, where can't be answered definitively.  Try and keep yourself busy for yourself, even if it is stocking up the freezer with meals or sitting out on the verandah enjoy a sip of something..................just me time to soak up where you are at!  the most important thing is that it has been detected and you are on the road to having it fixed.
    Take care

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    Hi @Lezanne75

    Keeping quiet about your diagnosis until you have a handle on what is going on has always seemed like a good idea to me. These first few weeks are a bloody nightmare and if a bit of a browse around this site will teach you anything, it is that nobody, and I really mean nobody, will have your precise diagnosis, timeframe and treatment plan. Once you have a bit of an idea exactly what is going on it will be easier to answer all the questions that your friends and family will ask.

    Telling other people is really difficult. I've been through this twice and it doesn't get any easier, but it does help if you practice. Which may sound a bit mad, but if you develop a little spiel it may prevent you dissolving into sobs and snot sniffing every time you have to talk to someone. Once you have an idea about what sort of treatment you may need you can package it up into a couple of sentences. Then start crying.

    If you think the whole UK contingent is likely to want to jump on a plane and come over to help, immediately, it may be worth thinking about appointing someone as travel coordinator so you don't get snowed under while you are trying to find your feet. If your surgeon is right you are probably going to be a very busy woman in the next couple of months. Stage the invasion so you have ongoing support. Marg xxx

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    Hi   I just finally got myself to the dentist -- and I would so much rather of gone for another biopsy than a teeth clean!!!  Not that I want the cancer back again, but for me the biopsy's are pretty painless.   I like Margs idea of practising the telling family speech, I muffed it with my oldest daughter, and probably really scared her amongst my sobs/snot .. the other two I kept my cool.  You will tell everyone when the time is right, I did before I knew my treatment regime mostly because they had been trying to reach me as I was doing all the tests and then I had surgery, so don't stress.  I used the book more as a reference than reading the whole lot.  And you are right this site is a fabulous group.  
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    just want to thank you all for the support & advice.  xx
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    My husband knew. I told only my closest sister of the probable diagnosis as at the time there were other big things happening in my family (a funeral 2 days before Xmas)  and I felt best to wait until I had seen the specialist and had a plan before telling all my family. My 2 sons at home were told obce I had biopsy confirmation  as I needed to travel away for my appointment. It was hard pretending to be positive when really I was absolutely terrified and devastated about the diagnosis.

    I coped by planning stuff once I sort of knew the plan.

    I chose a bilateral mastectomy so I had a farewell boobie party.

    I set up a initally facebook messanger groups so I could update volumes of appropriate people. ..family groups, close friends etc. They were invaluable as my intial support people as there was always somebody awake when I needed to talk.

    I went and bought some pj's for hospital and appropriate toiletries for frequent travel. (My surgeon was 500k away)

    I knew I was having chemo (due to pathology ) so I bought some inexpensive scarves (Kmart) and researched wigs and had a look at some.

    I wear little makeup so bought some as I wanted to look well even on chemo and I googled chemo makeup guide. 

    I swim...so I researched and purchased mastectomy bathers and a fabric swim cap knowing I'd be bald for a bit.

    I attended a dentist to have a good check up and clean prior having any treatment started knowing dental care was very important.

    I bought a diary to keep track of appointments, Dr names and nurse contacts etc. Plus a file to keep all the huge quantity of paperwork you accumulate. (But the my care kit helps with some of this )

    All these things kept me distracted. It didn't help me sleep, it didn't stop my tears and I ended up stopping work as I was a blubbering mess most days. But I got through...and so will you.

    You are stronger than you realise and we are here to listen and support as needed. Kath x
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    Hi , thanks for the support, everybody I feel a little bit less alone in this xx

    I had the biopsy last week, definitely not as bad as I thought it would be and all the people involved were great and couldn't do enough to help me through it.  Thanks for trying to 

    I get my results from the CT & bone scans and biopsy tomorrow afternoon and I'm having a bit of an emotional wobble at the moment (at work so not ideal timing!).  
    The waiting and not knowing is the worst thing for me at the moment, but this time tomorrow I'll at least have an idea of what I'm up against and what the next steps are 

    L x
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    Best of luck with your appointment and please check in and let us know how it went. 
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