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Pebbz1981 Member Posts: 32
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Hi all,  I am new to these online groups and didnt know they existed.
I was first diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer in 2009 at age 27, i was then diagnosed again in 2015 with breast cancer in the right breast and found out in 2016 it had spread to my hip area when i started experiencing some pain in my leg, pelvis and hip area. I started Chemo treatment xeloda and it seemed to work for a bit but this year in february it started to flare up in different parts of my bones. I am now on Abraxane and i am doing that every week for 3 weeks and having a break on the 4th week. I am not sure how i am meant to feel but i am ANGRY and SAD that this has happened, I have an AMAZING husband who has stuck by my side and goes to every appointment with me and to be honest if it was not for him pushing me im not sure how long i would have lasted with all the treatments. Is there anyone out there who has had there cancer spread to there bones and is there any advice you can give me? How long have people been on Abraxane for? I have lost all my hair ( which is fine)but i feel when i go to receive treatment i am one of the younger people there and it is upsetting. I have read sooooo many articles about metastatic patients not living long lives and i am hoping there are many people out there who are living with this terrible sickness beyond the statistic years and have some what of a normal life.....Whatever normal is.


  • LMK74
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    @Pebbz1981, I'm so sorry to hear this. Life can be so unfair. There are many ladies on this forum with mets so I'm sure they will jump on and offer support.

  • iserbrown
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    Hi sorry to read your post. There's a couple of groups on here that you may benefit from. 

    Apply to join and then you can discuss in private.

    There's also a young women group


    Hope you can connect soon. Take care 
  • Brenda5
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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear cancer seems to want to hang so tenaciously to you. Your hubby sounds like a definite keeper. Hang in there. You might not be able to get rid of the bone cancer now but you can tame it into submission with treatments and there are a few different sorts of chemo can be tried. Sometimes it just takes a while to figure out which one pushes the cancers pause button but eventually you get on the right track suitable for your body. 
  • angg66
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    Hi @Pebbz1981. Welcome to the form. Sorry about your diagnoses. I also have been diagnosed with mets in my back, liver & chest. That was in 2016. Originally I was angry & cried for weeks, but I picked myself up for the sake of my wonderful husband and my kids. I now live life to the fullest and focus on the good side of life not just the cancer. I'm also currently doing chemo (Abraxane). It's been tough but bearable.  All the very best... Ange xx
  • Pebbz1981
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    Thank you to all the comments and advice.
    @iserbrown i have joined the groups you suggested and find them very helpful.
    I am greatful there are people in similar situations that i can talk to and get advice from and lean on when feeling down. It is a shame that there are so many people diagnosed with this sickness( i dont like the word disease) and there is no cure.
    All the best to everyone