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Those ladies who know my posts know I was diagnosed with BC April 16 and then again with Liver mets in December. What a roller coaster that we ladies then board. Along the way I have tried to be super positive and mostly I have been. I have lisined to my wonderful Oncologist and many times been told "now its just not possible to cure but treat yes",. I have heard this many many times.And I go on living my wonderful life but have always felt that doom in the back of my mind.

However yesterday when I fronted up to visit my Doctor I asked the question we all must wonder  "has anyone beaten the cancer and stage mine is??????  To my amazement she said yes!!!!!!!!!!!  What the?    Why then do they continually tell us poor little Breast Cancer recipients that there is no cure I asked.  She told me all studies are for the majority of cases in which there is not. I delved deeper.

She explained to me that she knows of at least 2 women who have been going a long long time many many years in fact when diagnosed had young children and now they are adults.. the excitement grew. I then asked why no one gives any of us hope then and she explained it is a very very small minority of women. But ladies enough for me!!!!!!!!

I would not have cared if she told me  it was only one women in the world . Because I know have the greatest hope I am sure anyone can have that I can be and all of us can be that small minority that my Doctor told me baffles Doctors and they cannot explain why it happens. She also said they actually get to a stage they discuss about these patients that they are so rare they do not know whether to stop treatment or continue..  but my dear friends this gives me hope and I wanted to share this with you.. I know this news released my heavy heart.  If even one person can rid this cancer then why cannot we all strive to be this small percentage of lucky people and we all should. 
Today I awoke and felt so happy... my bloods are perfect I feel great.. Yes I have metastic breast cancer but I will strive to beat it and now I know that there are some that do........ IM HERE TO STAY SOOOOOOOOOO    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY HEHE


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    There are many reasons no-one wants our disease. Right up there on top of the list is the fact it can kill us. Our numbers are swelling and the stats we have access to are dated before we get to see them--we also need to be mindful about who is collecting the information and what the agendas are when it is released.

    All the stats on the planet do not, and can not, take into consideration the myriad our individual circumstances.

    Go for it, Sam. Marg xxx

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    Sam, if a positive attitude and refusal to be a statistic can beat cancer, then you're a winner!!   Go Sam!!!!   Jane xx
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    Good on you Sam.
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    Go Sam
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    The odds of winning a major prize in tattslotto are very slim. So I believe it is with some cancers the odds at times are not good  but that doe not mean you cant  overcome them . You can.
     I am not interested in false hope but from what I have read anything is possible. Sometimes not possible.
    So I am actually not being postive but a realist.  Despite everything some people do survive and thrive.
    So keep on enjoying life
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    I love your attitude. I agree, we are all unique and there is so much happening in research at the moment that is very promising. x 
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    Such a positive story. Xx
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