Newly diagnosed and pregnant

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Hello, I am very very new to this network and I was hoping to hear from anyone who may be or have been in a similar situation to me. I received my diagnosis on Monday just gone and am 17 weeks pregnant. I am going in for breast conserving surgery tomorrow and will meet with the oncologist next week to discuss chemo. There is no family history of breast cancer and I have just recently turned 30. I have been told we have a very small window for safe treatment and we are going to be meeting our baby much much earlier than we would like to. Feeling very scared and stressed and hoping for some advice from ladies who have gone through this themselves! I really wish everyone in this community all the best on their journeys xx


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    No wonder you feel stressed. But you will start treatment and that's a good thing (even if it doesn't feel at all like that at the minute). Now is the time, if you can, to put your welfare first - both you and your baby need that. Take what help you can get. Don't get too caught up with long term issues but take each step one by one. Being scared is natural but can get in the way. Get determined and never underestimate your own capacity to handle stuff. Very best wishes. 
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    @Courtney Bianca I'm so, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed right after breastfeeding my 2nd and I'm so grateful my family was done. You have an added element that most of us have not had to go through. I can't imagine how much tougher this will make your journey to recovery. Try not to be too scared. You can do this! We all have/are and we're here for you. I'm sure your bubba will make you all the more fierce in your fight. I hope someone who has had a shared experience can jump on and chat with you. Otherwise there are lots of warm, caring, wise ladies here to chat with about all things bc. We get it! It's really scary in the beginning when everything's unknown, but once you've had your surgery you'll get your pathology and know what your dealing with. It gets easier once you have a treatment plan and can focus on getting better. I'm not sure how different your treatments will be because of your pregnancy, but I'm sure your docs will take the best care of you & bubs.
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    @Courtney Bianca congratulations on having a baby. I could think of better circumstances. I would like to give you confidence in the medical team. Time and time again ladies  problems occur with treatment ,after effects etc. 
    Without exception the problems are resolved to the best of the medical teams ability. Being pregnant sure does complicate things. However this site is proof bc is beatable . 
    Perhaps ring the cancer council as they maybe able to put you in touch with some one who had  similiar circumstances.
    Another group is breacan or now called counterpart in melbourne they may be able to assist.
    You can not be the only person this has happened to  
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    Hi @Courtney Bianca and so sorry to say Welcome to the network. Here's a little bit of reading for you.. in regard to pregnancy and needing chemo. I'm sure that studies since 2012 would have pinpointed time frames for chemo to be administered and while it's never a good time to get breast cancer how lucky to have it in this day and age where there is such a wealth of knowledge in the medical community. I'm absolutely sure your team will do absolutely everything to ensure yours and bubs health and well being. Wishing you all the very best with your surgery tomorrow and let us know how your visit to the oncologist goes next week. Big calming hugs to you. Xx Cath
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    @Tennille I am filled with admiration for what you went through. I am so glad you posted to give encouragement to others.
    Such an awful train of events with such a beautiful happy ending. I despair sometimes at the unfairness of bc. 
    However connecting with others here and knowing many survive this disease makes me happy best wishes
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    I am wondering since you are caught at a rather inopportune time to have breast cancer whether a single mastectomy might be better than a lumpectomy and like Tennille, stall for time to have the baby and then do chemo? Don't be scared to put questions to your medical team and if you arent getting the right answers get on to a Macgrath breast nurse to ask for you.
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    @Brenda5   I personally agree that if its suitable for a mastectomy that allows a delay in chemo and later reconstruction if wanted then it would be a good option. I was told you have a 12 week window for starting chemo before it may not be beneficial so if you are 17 weeks pregnant and a mastectomy and axillary clearance allow for bub to grow and deliver to term then as your Doc if this is possible? I chose not to have reconstruction but you can definitely choose to later if that's what you want.
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    Hi everyone
    thank you all for your responses and kind words. Surgery yesterday seems to have gone well and baby is still happy and kicking away. A mastectomy wasn't discussed in detail as research has shown that there would be no difference in benefits in my situation. It was my preferred choice for breast conserving surgery as well. I'm lucky to have the top doctors in Perth looking after me and have full confidence in the treatment plan so far. Just obviously worried about baby, and I'm learning that a mums worrying doesn't start when they're born!! :smile:
    thank you again to everyone for responding and fingers crossed for great results next week! Xx
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    What a shitty spot to be in @Courtney Bianca Wishing you and bub all the best.
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    @Courtney Bianca just been reading your post and pleased to see that your surgery was successful.  Absolute confidence in your team will help you come to the acceptance of where you are at and by all accounts that's where you are at now.  We are here to chat and help you through and look forward to your post to tell us that your bub has arrived.  Take care and hugs
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    @Courtney Bianca Glad all went well. Im in Perth too. I had Professor Saunders and she is amazing. Hope all goes well with you and bub.
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    @Courtney Bianca firstly congratulations on the baby. I can imagine how scary this must all be for you. It's scary for all of us without being pregnant as well. If you pop pregnant and chemo into the search bar at the top right of the page quite a few old posts come up. I had a quick look and there are some stories of ladies who had chemo whilst pregnant. They might be reassuring for you to read. 
    I wish you al, the best. 
    Paula xxx
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    Hi @courtneybianca. Glad to hear surgery went well and baby is okay. I'm newly diagnosed grade 2 ER and PR positive and HER-2 negative. All a big shock at the moment because I'm also 8 weeks pregnant. My surgeon is not wanting to operate though and so I'm looking at starting chemotherapy in 4 weeks time instead. Hope your treatment goes well.
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    @Ladylee I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis so early in your pregnancy! I know how devastated I felt and still feel, and can just imagine all the worries going through your mind. Mine is also stage 2, but only progesterone +, grade 3. We are having our 20wk anatomy scan on Thursday to confirm everything is ok but so far baby has been kicking up a storm and seems to be growing fine. I start chemo next Friday. I hope that this reassures you a little bit about your baby but it's completely ok to be stressed, anxious, and angry about it all. I know I am!! It's hard to believe baby will be ok when there are already so many pressures to do the 'right things' for your baby and then are told chemo is fine?! All I'm doing is trying my best to trust the wonderful medical team looking after me, I hope that you are doing ok and feeling confident in those looking after you xxx