Is breast cancer contagious?

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Recently I have had three friend diagnosed with breast cancer in a short period of time. I know its not contagious but there definitely seems to be alot more of it about. I wish my friennds and every one going through this horrible disease all the very best. I am having a week off chemo and enjoying every day.  My husband took me out for lunch and I've been doing a bit of ironing and groving to the Bee Gee on my I pad. I know they may be old school but I'm nearly 71yrs old,and although I have metastatic breast cancer and on Abraxane chemo, lifes not too bad. I'm still hear! 


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    It does seem like that sometimes, doesn't it? When I was going through treatment there were 3 other mums from my daughter's year also going through some form of treatment and we would have all been in our mid- late 40's. 
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    Wendy, I agree! It seems to be on the increase, I even found out that a new neighbour I met was going through treatment and has the same Oncologist as me....who would have thought!!!! 

    Groove away!!!! I LOVE THE BEE GEES!!!! one of my favorites :D Melinda xo
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    @wendy_h67, nothing wrong with grooving to any type of music!!! I've got a mp3 player which ranges from opera through to modern with lots of 50's music and will be adding some big bands to it to groove along to as well!!! You go girl!!! Awesome Xx  PS Excellent you're enjoying your week off  :)
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    No its not contagious however some areas do seem prone to it more than others. I would love to see an honest unedited map of all the breast cancer patients across Australia with macro zoom right up to peoples streets where they live. I am actually happy I moved just before my diagnosis so I shouldn't need to worry about my location now.
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    Yes I have to agree,  music is definitely food for the soul. It can help you relax when your feeling stressed or just help block out all the bad thoughts going through your head.  Just had a visit from my daughter in her lunch break. She was not happy,  whinging about work and family problems , now that she has dumped all her woes on me ,she has gone back to work feeling happier. What are mother's for? I think I'll put some more music on .Maybe Michael Buble,might be more soothing. 
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    Ohhh Wendy I hear you!!! that is my daughter too all the time. lol x

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    Hi Wendy
    The way Breastscreen can detect issues, the fact that women are more proactive then our mothers age group and attend Breastscreen, the way we are all more tuned to our bodies and even our location can make a difference to the statistics.
    I know of several women, all golfers at the same course, who are certain their BC was caused by the chemicals used on the greens.  Who knows the one answer ?
    The thing is to do what you are doing - dance to the music in your heart, which as we know can be different throughout the day.
    We have been visited by the dreaded word (simply known as ''C" when my grandfather died in 1965) but we have to do our best to be happy and get on with life, however long that may be.
    We may battle some days but others we just FLY !
    Keep on dancing !
    Hugs  Summer  :-)
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    Hi wendy seems like you need a big sign on your door ... maybe somecrystals n  fairy dust to sprinkle as well.... beware only good thoughts and positive energies need enter herein !
    enjoy the music
    cheers Bright
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    Good question.  I was the fourth member of staff at my school to be diagnosed with breast cancer within six years.  There has been numerous parents over the years battling this disease and unfortunately some of them passed away.  I believe the stats are more likely one in 5 than one in 8.
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    Has a survey been done recently? Surely a broad range survey with as much as possible right down to the types of cleaning chemicals and frequency of use! There would be pattern for sure.?
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    @Twiggyjumps That's the interesting part, there are so many Studies done...BUT they are ALL Minority Studies even that of Sugar and Alcohol. There are no common denominators across the population, zero, thats why something new crops up all the time of what causes it LOL. Whats important is what you choose, after a recurrence and no reason for its return I tweaked my diet even more, but really thats because I feel better not because it has any impact whatsoever. I also exercise because I feel good and it helps with side effects and getting back into life, all the Professionals will tell you that no matter what illness you have, exercise is important, this is no different. So only do what is right for you and makes you feel good, biggest thing of all is self nuture and what soothes your Soul, you becoming the most important person in your life above everyone. xx
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    @melclarity I recently had the same discussion with my radiation oncologist on this very topic. After a 3month check up after rads I asked her What now?  How do I help myself?  .She replied.. studies have shown that diet and excercise have some impact on limiting recurrence. The other point she made is do what makes you happy
     She also made it clear that anyone can get cancer no matter how fit and healthy . It can happen to anyone. 

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    @fairdydust Yes this is absolutely right, I had specialists in my rehab program do presentations all stating the same facts, it floored us all. The reality is the impact of diet and exercise is no different to anything else. So many misconceptions around it, yes they publish the data but again minority studies...I know HEAPS of women who hardly had alcohol in their lives, not much sugar and fit who got dont get bogged down in that. People just need to focus on what makes them feel good, whatever way that looks for them, mentally, physically, emotionally...the things that soothe your soul. xo
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