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Hi, I am 41 years old and on the 1st June I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. To say I was shocked is a complete understatement. I found my lump by chance and after a whirl wind of tests, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, I ended up in surgery having a Lumpectomy and a sentinel node biopsy. The tumour was 16mm and grade 3. Thankfully not in the Lumph nodes so no more surgery! That feeling of relief was short lived after hearing I now need Chemo and Radiation. I'm devastated and scared. 


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    Hi @Ali Marie, Welcome to the network. Unfortunately none of us want to be here, but we don't get a say in membership!! Can totally understand you being devastated and scared, perfectly normal. Fortunately the wealth of understanding and information on this site that the lovely ladies (and gents) can assist you with is sensational. So ask any questions you need to - most questions have an answer that someone here has experienced or can assist with. Wishing you all the best. Xx Cath
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    Thankyou Cath. Yes can't say I ever expected to join a forum like this. In saying that how lucky are we to be in this day and age where support is so readily available.I have read so many posts and comments and everybody is so supportive and lovely. I have a thousand questions but don't know where to start haha. I will keep reading for now x
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    Excellent @Ali Marie, yes we are so very very lucky and the overwhelming support that is given here is so open and caring, it's very touching. Know that when the time is right for you to ask your questions, we are all here to help and will give any assistance we can. Xx 
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    Hello and sorry about your diagnosis. Many of us were scared and overwhelmed at first. Lots of the ladies here can offer great advice and support and really get where you're at because they've been there. No more surgery is already a huge positive for you. Advice given to me was try to just focus on the next part of your treatment, one step at a time can help reduce that overwhelmed feeling. Most of the time the fear is far worse than the treatment turns out to be. Not that treatments are nice, but they're do-able. Many of us have done it or are in the midst of various treatments and we're doing okay! We're here for you. As you approach each step post here, ask questions, vent, whatever you need. You will be replied with warm, genuine responses, invaluable wisdom, and a good laugh to break up the tears from a bunch of ladies who really get it. All the best xxx
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    I too found my lump quite by accident. It was 5 weeks after a clear mammogram. Mine was 1.9mm, grade 3, Es+ Her2+ invasive breast cancer. Radiotherapy is standard after lumpectomy for all types of cancers. Chemo is usually offered for a grade 3 cancer.  Even though from the beginning I knew I would be having chemo. When finally told for sure I cried. Up until that point I think it's almost unreal...but the whole chemo things brings the "cancer reality"  to the table. 

    I hope you go well with treatment. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Kath x
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    Hey Ali, sorry you find yourself here. I've had 2 diagnosis 2011 and recurrence in 2015, neither times I was on the Forum, it was only after I completed my treatment I joined. It really is a great place to get support independent from family and friends...because we GET every little thing you think and feel. Unfortunately as you are Grade 3 it usually is Chemo and also dependent on your pathology whether you are Her2 or not or ER+ or not, lots of factors. It is overwhelming, because we don't imagine it or see it coming, we feel so well and fine to be told this is in a way ridiculous?? having been through twice I never felt unwell at all, so mentally it is tough to get your head around, the only thing that has ever made me not well is treatment LOL. Hugs you will be ok, one thing at a time, keep coming back to the moment at hand and you'll manage each step. Melinda xo
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    Think of chemo and radiation as a positive move to hopefully making sure breast cancer never comes back. Don't muck with it, just do it. It does help to take things one step at a time. Meet each challenge as it comes. I did better when I didn't think too far ahead or it all got a bit much. <3
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    @Ali Marie the thing about chemo and radiation is you are well looked after. Of course you may get side effects but in my case every step of the way I was monitored. On this forum ladies will report side effects some not pleasant. Without exception the problem is usually resolved or a solution sort to fix the problem. 
    The medical staff are great .Your oncologist and breast care nurse are only a phone call away. Nobody knows how your body will react but I do know the oncologist will have your best interest at heart. Usually everything is resolvable.
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    Ali Marie, welcome to the group. It is so devastating to be told we have breast cancer. I knew I had a lump for over a year and a half and chose to ignore it. When I know longer could and had all the tests and it was confirmed I felt numb.  I'm stage3 grade2 , one more chemo and now facing mastectomy due to my own stupidity. Treatment sounds scary and I was a cotcase at the thought of it all. So far it has been nothing like I imagined it might be. Not pleasant but you will get through it if you have to. The support here from everyone is wonderful and so many ladies to offer up advice.
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