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So it is all new to me. Surgery Tuesday to remove the rest of my lymph nodes after 2 of my 5 sentinel node biopsy showed up as containing cancer. Now it is chemo instead of just radiotherapy. What does it all mean? Holiday booked for Bali in July. Can we go? Surgeon says hopefully. But what is the reality? 


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    Hi @casgirl123
     only time will tell, some people breeze through their chemo and others get sick... 
    it must be a shock to have to deal with this
    Do you have a breast care nurse ?  http://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/OurMission/OurNurses/FindANurse.aspx

    have you got the My Journey Kit...https://www.bcna.org.au/resources/ 
    The my journey kit is great at explaining some of the things that often are too much to take in at our initial visits to drs etc. 


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    Do you know your biopsy results and what chemo you'll be having?  You may bexwell enough to go but you may want to postpone for a month to be sure you feel fit enough. Thete is a short break between chemo and radiotherapy of about 4 weeks. We are all diffetent and you won't know how chemo will affect you until you doit. 

    There may be travel insurance issues you might need to look at also. I know other ladies here have info about that.

    It's a lot to take in at the beginning. No question is silly so ask away. 
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    I'd consider delaying an overseas trip Cas. Though I know there are ladies here who have gone on OS trips while they are having chemo. Most chemo treatments run over at least 9 weeks plus 3 weeks for your bloods to get back to normal. That's 3 months minimum. It's not at all uncommon for chemo to run for 6 months. Sorry, not trying to freak you out--your oncologist will advise you about what is the recommended treatment for your particular cancer.

    I'm on my second breast cancer episode after 10 years disease free and will be having my final chemo on Wednesday. To be honest there is no way I would go on an overseas holiday in the next couple of months even if I wasn't having radiotherapy. I look terrible and feel shithouse and I would prefer to leave it until I felt a bit better. That can take a while.
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    I went on a cruise between AC Chemo cycles 4 & 5 to PNG with my Oncologists blessing however, we spent no nights on land & we were on a cruise ship with hygiene standards.

    Not sure I would go to Bali though, for a land holiday.
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    Hi maybe you could have a holiday after.your immune system will be so low you will be prone to infection and travel insurance wont cover you during treatment. I go to bali twice a year but it still is a 2nd world country and there will be lots of hols. A good friend ended up in bali with terrible lymphodeama post chemo and the heat and flying bought it on she had to stay in het room the entire holiday. Lots of lovely trips in aus?