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Hi!  Just thought I'd start a discussion with regard to alternate therapies like Reiki or Reflexology? 

I did have a session of Reflexology not long after my mastectomy surgery but I must admit I couldn't relax into it properly as it just felt like a stranger was playing with my feet.   She didn't pick up on my thyroid issues so I decided against any further sessions.  Today my hairdresser has been talking Reiki.  Only know what I can read on the internet and it would seem it is more about a mindset, commonsense things like do not become angry, worry about nothing, express one's gratitude, be diligent in work, be kind to others.

Interested in if others have benefitted



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      Hi Christine, Only thing I've had anything to do with is acupuncture and have used it for migraines and to stop smoking. I always reckon anything is worth a shot and then you can make an informed decision. I know Melclarity is a reiki master so she might be able to answer any questions that you have. Xx
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      Hi Iserbrown, I have been having weekly acupuncture & refloxoloy. The acupuncture was for aches & pains & to try & prevent neuropathy on Taxol. I have just had my 10th dose & just a bit of tingling so far. Reflexology helps with as well & I also have a bit of back & head massage in with & usually doze off. I managed to work & exercise all through chemo so I think these have contributed to my well being.
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      I love a massage because it feels good but I  consider it a treat rather than a treament. Yoga for me is more a physical than spiritual activity.
      I guess as long as you enjoy whatever accessory ideas you explore, and you can afford it, there's no harm. Being calm and balanced would be a fine thing indeed, but I'm a bit wary about some practitioners. No offence intended, I admit to being a cynical old trout.
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      BCNA has some information on complementary therapies and medicines here that might interest you. It's important to know the difference between the two. Complementary therapies can help improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, but alternative therapies are not scientifically proven to help. As always, be sure to talk to your GP, oncologist, or breast care nurse.
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      Thanks Cossette.  
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      I tried Reiki, reflexology and mindfulness meditation during recovery from breast cancer surgery. Didn't have any expectations - just wanted to try something different. Found these activities really calmed me, focussed me and helped me to heal from within. I was lucky to find practitioners I trusted and who shared my wholistic view of health. Some sessions were free through support services at my hospital.

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      @Iserbrown what a GREAT DISCUSSION LOL....I'm a Reiki Master, been practicing coming up 17yrs. Most of my work is not hands on, but distant healings, incredibly bizarre and feel very blessed for the gift I have. All of these things are wonderful tools that can be used in conjunction with medicine, mine is more gaining mental clarity. Hands on Reiki is just a great way to relax :) Hugs Melinda xo
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      hi @iserbrown I have been having kinesiology    
      I have a trusted practitioner and she has helped me through the maze of Breast Cancer and treatments... I had just started to see her about a month prior to diagnosis.  She also found me some sprays for helping to relax, ground or inspire me ... the calming/relax spray I used prior to surgery so didn't need a pre med. 
      I have also been doing mindfulness meditations to help me relax ... through them I got myself back into a good sleep pattern as I had insomnia after my treatments to the point I was ready to scream.  I know that BCNA has the information on alternative and  Complementary therapies... I learnt to use clear crystal quartz to manage my nerve pain so much nicer with no side effects like the strong meds the GP had put me on. 
      it is all about working out what is right for you.