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Hi everyone!
I've been busy riding the mets rollercoaster nonstop. July 2016 medical oncologist tells me my ALP level is elevated. I was still working in a very stressful & demanding job 4 days a week. I noticed I had been tired but so had my co-workers as we were under so much pressure & running at half staff. Mentioned to oncologist I had a tingle in my bottom lip on the right side. She is so proactive (love her approach so much) she ordered head MRI immediately, which found a tumour 4.5cm x 5cm behind my left eye. Off the to neurosurgeon, more MRIs/scans & 6hr surgery 3 days later to remove tumour, surgeon got clear margins. Thankful I responded well, no issues or pain, text book recovery. 10 sessions head stereotatic radiotherapy followed, then Abraxane chemo started, once a week for 3 weeks, then a week off. Head MRI checkup December which showed 3 more spots, I was more frustrated than upset, spots only around 2-3mm. Proactive approach and did one 50 minute session of head Stereotatic Radiotherapy. I tell you 50mins locked in the head mask was so traumatic. It I did it, tears and all! Still doing chemo, and will be for a while. Tumour Markers in the 30s which is lowest they been for years & still slowly decreasing (diagnosed with bone mets 2013 & mets contained to bone until brain tumour). As you all know some days are emotionally tough but nearly most of the time I remain positive & focused on doing what I have to do right now and wake up grateful everyday. Early March next head MRI so I'm sure there will be a few anxious moments. I still am not allowed to drive, get fatigued often from chemo & miss work. Cancer is such a cruel and unfair disease but I will keep jumping every hurdle placed in front of me and jump them high. I will never ever ever give up!


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    Oh my, I had watery eyes reading that! Hats off to your amazing oncologist for doing the initial MRI what a shock that must have been for sure. Your attitude to this awful roller coaster we ride is inspiring, my big issue is claustrophobia so I can only imagine how intense it must have been in the head mask never mind the MRI!. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you all the very best for the March results  <3
  • Happy daysHappy days Member Posts: 6
    Love your attitude and spirit. Cancer can't take that from us. Best wishes for next results xx
  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,680
    You are AWESOME!!! Wishing you all the best and stability and continued low markers in your tests. Big hugs
     Xx Cath
  • rowdyrowdy Member Posts: 1,165
    Welcome back good to her you are fighting. Cancer sucks sending you a hug xx
  • Butterfly 40Butterfly 40 Member Posts: 150
    Wow! Vix you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience riding on the roller coasters! Keep up and fight with this cruel and unfair disease! 
    Wishing you all the best!
    Lots of love  and hugs for you 
  • RNSWRNSW Central Coast NSW Member Posts: 121
    Hi @Vix,
    Thats right never give up! As follow up tests approach the anxiety levels are super high I never look forward to it. I wish you well. Cheers Rita xo 
  • VixVix Member Posts: 51
    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support. You are all so awesome
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    Hi @Vix. What a great attitude you have. I have bone mets too & find it hard to stay so positive. I have my occassional down days like today. But like you I will never give up. Keep fighting ... Ang xx
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 1,974
    Welcome back Vix. Gee I bet you are thankful to have such an on the ball doctor who caught the tumor. You sound so positive and I know its not easy. We're all here for you. <3
  • VixVix Member Posts: 51
    Such amazing & inspiring people on here who  just get it. Yes the mets rollercoaster is a tough ride some days, but we stay strong and fight on. Thank you everyone for your gorgeous words. This is what keeps me positive and fighting the fight x

  • wendy_h67wendy_h67 Member Posts: 409
    You certainly are an inspiration. I am also back on Abraxaine after having a few new areas found on a recent bone scan. I had been sailing along for a few years with stable bone scans so when I got the news that the cancer was on the move it was a bit of a shock and hard to take at first. I felt down for a while and then after giving myself a talking to have decided to not give in and just keep fighting. I  wish you all the best with your treatment. Stay strong. Hugs Wendy 
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