Just diagnosed but cannot even contact a surgeon until 9th January. Stress levels high.

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I received by biopsy results on Christmas Eve, stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. GREAT!
I was given a referral which was marked urgent and sent to the surgeon and told to call them on 28th December. That was a wonderful Christmas period, NOT. But once I thought I could get the ball rolling I felt a bit better. I rang to find they are closed until 9th January, and so is the other surgeon I am referred to. I cannot find anyone open, the GP is sweet but not helpful and I am going quietly mad.
The receptionists say that is a problem at this time of the year, which is not helpful and I feel like screaming at them.
This is cancer here, it doesn't pause for the Christmas period.
Another 10 days waiting to even get to find someone let alone get an appointment.

Keeping busy helps for a while but I just hope to heaven it is not progressing while I wait, it has already been over 3 weeks of tests and scans since I found it.

I am so glad to have just found this site.



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    Hi Unicornkisses!!!! So sorry to hear you have found yourself here!! I totally hear you, timing is everything isn't it? Now you say you are Stage 2 IDC, this is just from the Biopsy. The hardest part is the waiting absolutely, but take a deep breath and know this for certain, the time between now and then is going to be OK! The Surgeon will most likely order a Lumpectomy based purely on those results, and until you get those results you won't have a definitive pathology. The biopsy is only a guide, so you will get a much better picture once that has happened. I know its incredibly hard with the urgency of it, but it really will be ok. Ive had BC twice in 5yrs, 2 major lumpectomies, radiation, tamoxifen, chemo and now Arimidex. If there is anything I can help with or answer, ask away!!! Hugs Melinda xo
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    Hi Unicornkisses. Sorry you had to join us here on this network but I am glad you did. The ladies here were such a comfort when I was first diagnosed at the end of last year. I was beside myself with worry because like you the christmas holidays interfered with the commencement of my treatment. I didn't have surgery until 5 weeks after diagnosis. Chemo started 10 weeks after diagnosis. The waiting is the worse!!! Take a deep breath. I know it won't take the anxiety away but trust me, a few deep breaths certainly help. Unfortunately it is out of your hands at the moment. It won't progress that much in 2 weeks. I know it doesn't feel like that, but I was told  it won't make a difference with that little extra you have to wait. Once the ball starts rolling however it will be a whirlwind of appointments. For now, as you wait, take time to take stock. Do something nice for yourself even though I am guessing you'll be consumed with worry. It will help you later on. This is just something you cannot change at the moment, so take charge of what you can control. Go out. Do something nice. And come on here and rant all you want. We are here with you every step of the way. I pray that you get an appointment as early as possible

    Keeping you in my thoughts

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    I have to agree with Nadine here! she is absolutely right, in 2 weeks it really wont change at all, so step at a time, we certainly are all here to help! Melinda
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    Thank you, ladies for your input. I will be leaning on you for a while, I think. My husband is great but overwhelmed too. I will take your advice and take the time to prepare for when the appointments start. I did not realise that the first biopsy was only an indicator. I am not sure that is reassuring. I have been told for so many years that I was low risk, no family history etc that it has come as a big shock. When I can concentrate for a few minutes I will read through some of the other posts related to mine and take in what is said. I am sorry too that you both have been through it before and hope you feel it helps to pass on your knowledge.
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    Ask away there is an enormous amount of wonderful ladies here sharing their experiences and encouragement xo I only had my Mum who had Breast Cancer, no other family history at all and I didnt meet any other criteria of being higher risk at all for it. Luckily Id been getting Mammos at my Mums insistence in my mid 30's my first diagnosis was in my early 40's, then at the 4yr mark last year.  Its a terrible thing, and doesn't discriminate and strangely stats say only 5-10% is inherited. You're going to be OK! xx
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    I think almost anyone you ask who's been in this position will say waiting is pretty intolerable. Doing something, anything, always feels better. But I agree, it's not a critical period, just something you don't need at this time of the year - I lost my hair 2 weeks before Christmas, also fun! There's an old saying in aviation that flying is 95% boredom and 5% sheer terror. Cancer's a bit like that too! Sadly you don't need a history to join the club - I had no history of any kind of cancer either side. That said, I am four years from diagnosis, have done long overseas travel stints, worked throughout treatment, and have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed to get to the 5 year mark with no more problems. It's a shock to the system but with some good medicos, it's all do-able. Best of luck!
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    Hi Unicornkisses, From the time of my first mammogram in April to surgery in June was 8 weeks 1 day. Identified as stage 2 in biopsy. I first felt my tumor in February but was due for my period and your always told not to check around your period due to fluid etc etc. I could not find the lump after that so thought no more of it. April found it again and thought better get it checked out. 2.7cm tumor which was thought to be very aggressive. I was told by all of the team that even had I had the mammogram February it would not have made any difference to the size of the tumour. The surgeon wasn't stressed and I had a four week wait for surgery after seeing her. These surgeons have a scale of urgency for appointments and surgery in relation to cancer, you will be listed accordingly and won't have someone's bunion being operated on before you. So breathe!!!!! Try and do something relaxing - if necessary have a bloody good cry!!! It is scary and stressful. After that download a white noise app on your phone to help you relax and sleep. Come here and vent your stress out because the waiting is the worst. You will get through this. Let us know how you get on. Sending you a big hug. Xx Cath
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    I had my biopsy on the 17th but because of Xmas hols didn't get my result until the 29th. My GP faxed my referral tbrough and had an appointment on the 5th through the public health system...have you tried that? As admin staff still work usually and can give you an appt date at least . You get great surgeons and a team approach. I didn't have surgery until 25th January. It felt like an eternity but my time was filled with pre op appts, scans etc all getting ready for the treatment plan. The waiting time is excruciating, and you will feel better after you know what is going to happen. We are here to listen. Take care. Kath x
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    PS...I have been delighted with my care through the RAH in Adelaide and my surgeon is brilliant...all covered by Medicare.
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    Hmmm I am thinking you having a date night with your hubby may be in order. Especially if he too is feeling overwhelmed. Alternatively just a walk together holding hands can do wonders to calm you both before the storm so to speak. It's funny just how many of us on here were always classed as low risk! I was the first in my family going back 5 generations that had any type of cancer! Never thought it would happen to me, but there you go. Lean on us all you want. 
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    Hi unicornkisses
    i found a lump and went to the drs on the 15th oct I got my diagnosis on the 4th nov as had to wait for testing.. then had surgery 3 weeks ago today on the 8th dec
    one thing I have learnt on this journey is there is lots of waiting 
    the drs told me not to worry about the wait in between., I know it's hard I am now waiting till the 12th for radiation oncology app
    then waiting to start treatment! We are all here to chat to xxx
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    I had my secondary tumour removed 20th October and only started chemo yesterday. Talk about Murphy's law, chuck in Christmas and the whole medical profession seems to become unavailable. Telling you to be patient and that a couple more weeks either way might make some sense but it is NOT helpful.
    My past experience of Xmas cancer catastrophes included having a bilateral mastectomy on 18th December 2006. Despite the fact I was at that stage willing to stand in the foyer of Peter Mac and chew those puppies off myself it was not a good decision. It left me in less experienced hands for a few weeks which had ongoing ramifications a bit of patience may have avoided. 
    Hang in there. It will happen. Xm
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    Something we all endure and ponder the meaning
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    Hi @Unicornkisses, if you haven't done it already, I encourage you to order a My Journey Kit. It's a free resource packed with information and a journal. Some people devour it and others read it slowly over time as needed. It's free and you can order it online here.
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    Thank you to everyone for your insight, suggestions and support, I am reading it all and slowly digesting it. Yes, I have ordered the kit, thank you, and downloaded some of the fact sheets. I started today feeling desperate and thanks to your posts actually ended the day feeling positive and actually laughing a little, thank you. Waiting is horrid, but now I am more resigned to it. 
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