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Roller coaster ride again.

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Oh no .I'm going to loose my hair for the 3rd time !  Saw my oncologist today and she has taken me off the Affinitor and I'm  starting back on Abraxane Iv this Friday. At least I'm having a port a cath put in this time, the following week just before Christmas. I was hoping that I would start after Christmas but as my pain has become more severe, she feels it is better to start straight away. I still have my blonde wig so that will be a change after having grey hair for the last few years. I will have to start looking for some more head wear as I threw out my last lot of hats and turbans.  Does any one no any places were they have nice head wear . With Chritmas almost here it may be hard to get anything delivered for a while.


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    Hay that's rough!! I lost my hair just before Christmas - but only once!! There's a deep seated slightly superstitious streak in me that keeps my favourite hats and my wigs. Just in case.

    If you are in Melbourne, Head Complements in  Ringwood is good for all sorts of headwear (including wigs). They are closed over Christmas though. I also found Head Covers (www.headcovers.com) good and delivery very quick.

    Best wishes

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    At least it's in time with this horrible summer. 37 degrees today and loving that there's nothing touching my neck, in fact tempted to shave it back again :lol:

    These are a little pricey but comfortable. Christine headwear
    There's a small range on the Cancer council site too. 

    I didn't know this existed until today, but there's a foundation called "Good Wishes" that send out free scarves, how lovely.

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    I bought some good quality wigs on a website called Light in the box. Bought a few with them reasonably cheap and quality is pretty good actually.
    Hat house also has bamboo beanie so found them very versatile as it warms in winter and keep cool in summer.
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