Friday Update!

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A big hello to everyone. Welcome to the Friday Update.

This week we have 23 new members. Please welcome @belcummo, @rpnr,
@can-bra, @awhol @Mobbster58 and all our new members. 

Community highlights

Each week we have lots of different discussions take place
in the online network. These can include questions, updates, celebrations and
so much more. Here are some conversations this week you may have missed:

beautiful gift arrived at the BCNA support office on Wednesday and we were very excited. A big thank you
to the wonderful @Scorpionqueen for her incredible original drawing title “Pink
Trooper Boots”. This inspirational piece of art will now live
with us at the BCNA support office.

This October, we
are sharing your stories to remind everyone that every breast cancer story is
different #notjust1in8.
Breast cancer doesn’t care if you are fit and healthy, living with a
disability or your cultural background. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. To share your story visit notjust1in8.

News & events

The BCNA website has a designated section to all local community events that
are happening around Australia. To find out what’s happening in your area for the month of October click here.

Our Inspired
Adventures campaign is heating up for 2017 with Tuscany and Larapinta both
full, but we have one last trip to tempt you. Iconic.
Formidable. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World…and we’re going
there! Join us at the world famous Grand Canyon in October 2017 for an
experience you will never forget. You will
push yourself as you hike to the rim of the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, explore
Havasupai, crossing tropical streams, clamber up side canyons with red rock
walls, and perhaps swim beside a 200 ft. waterfall. After the
trekking is done, immerse yourself in the vibrant hub that is Las Vegas!

To find out more information click here.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Week in South Bank, Brisbane, restaurants, cafés and bars are inviting everyone to Dine Pink as a
way to support Australians living with breast cancer. If you live in Brisbane you may like to head down to Stanley Street Plaza during the week where a moving ‘Survivor Gallery’ will be installed on the walls, featuring the personal stories of breast cancer survivors. These raw accounts are poignant, courageous and utterly inspiring. To find out more information click here.


Our partners and supporters

BCNA is fortunate to have partners and supporters that help
us ensure we deliver our programs and services free of charge to Australians
affected by breast cancer. So a big thank you and shout out to -

Skybus - Going to Melbourne Airport? Catch the Pink Lady.

Ritchies -This October Ritchies is turning PINK!

Pink Butcher – A big shout out to the SA independent
butchers who are throwing their support behind BCNA this October.

As you can see lots of wonderful things are happening out and about in the community. Please feel free to share any stories below.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Ann-Marie x


  • Jane221
    Jane221 Member Posts: 1,195
    How gorgeous of @ScorpionQueen to donate her beautiful piece of art to BCNA, a lovely tribute. Have a great weekend xx
  • Ann-Marie
    Ann-Marie Member Posts: 1,142
    @Jane221 we were so excited opening it up on wed. Everyone in the office loved it!
  • Ne
    Ne Member Posts: 336
    Auuuuw @ScorpionQueen You are the best!  i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT PICTURE!  I hope you have a copy of it somewhere.  I just love the meaning of it the idea behind the trooper boots fitting for what we go through!
    Good on ya girl x
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,566
    Wow - Tracey you are a champion! 
  • Ne
    Ne Member Posts: 336
    @ScorpionQueen do you have a post of other drawings you have done?  I loved your drawing so much. Would love to see other ones you have done x
  • mum2jj
    mum2jj Member Posts: 4,331
    @ScorpionQueen. How generous you are. I love that drawing so much. What a lovely gesture. Paula xxx

  • Hopes_and_Dreams
    Hopes_and_Dreams Member Posts: 760
    That is such a beautiful gift ScorpionQueen,  Because you drew it during your chemo treatments there is so much of you in it.  I know it will be an inspiration to all who see it.   Jane xx
  • socoda
    socoda Member Posts: 1,767
    Tracy @ScorpionQueen that is a fantastic gesture!!! Such a brilliant drawing. XX Cath
  • ScorpionQueen
    ScorpionQueen Member Posts: 768

    Ne said:

    @ScorpionQueen do you have a post of other drawings you have done?  I loved your drawing so much. Would love to see other ones you have done x

    You can view my artwork through my folders on my facebook page (they are public) so you don;t have to be my friend....but you can friend me if you like (just let me know it's you! :) My name is Tracy Tedeschi  
  • InkPetal
    InkPetal Member Posts: 499
    I missed this update Oh My Gosh so out of it. *wobble* 
    BEAUTIFUL GIFT @ScorpionQueen it has a wonderful home :heart: