Sort of Began Radiotherapy...

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I walked in to radiation oncology and tapped on at the self check-in. I'd been told to wait in a special room for my first session so I shuffled down the hall away from the main rooms and started a puzzle. 20 minutes pass. 

Gosh, they sure are running late here today.
I was thinking to myself. I'd better go and check on how long I have to wait - or if I should have checked-in with the desk attendants. 
"I can't find you in the system" the attendant tells me. I tell her my appointment was for ten minutes ago now, and that I had a tap-in card, which I then fetch.
It reads: Next appointment 27th of September.

Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? :lol:

Good job me, you giant idiot. Are you sure chemo brain isn't permanent? Derpy derp di derp derp. :tongue:
Thought someone here might get as much of a kick out of that as the desk ladies did.


  • Jane221Jane221 Central Coast, NSWMember Posts: 993
    Classic! Good luck for tomorrow!! xx
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 487
    Thank you! :lol: :lol:
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,078
    Hahaha love it!!! Uuuugh Im still doing nutty stuff!!!
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 815
    That's  hilarious!  I'm nearly a year post last chemo & still using chemo brain, sometimes just an excuse, sometimes for real  :p.
    Hope radiotherapy goes well for you
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    Bet they haven't seen anyone that eager before!!!  :)
  • MiraMira I live in my computer .... Member Posts: 415
    Just don't forget to go today .... :)  Good luck with it :)
  • NadiNadi Member Posts: 571
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    Did the same, not for my first session though!  In the end they zapped me anyway. Good luck with it!
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 487
    Hhahaha! Thank you for the chuckles everyone. Off I go! *whoosh*
  • MelhayMelhay Member Posts: 157
    At least you achieved something - starting that puzzle! Hope the 1st session goes well today :) 
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 487
    Thank you @Melhay. It was quick and easy at 10:15 today... 6 hours later and I'm already feeling the burn and am suddenly so tired I think I might just go to bed. Uh oh!
  • WavingNotDrowningWavingNotDrowning Member Posts: 48

     Hi InkPetal.  I am on Day 2 and had to sleep this afternoon but I am hoping this is because of lack of sleep rather than early onset of fatigue.  Wishing you all the best. :)

  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 487
    @WavingNotDrowning Me too! *hug* I hope the nap was excellent at least :lol:
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    Okay! So I've actually started it now :lol:

    I have a new attending that was very on the ball and seemed to actually care how I was, even telling me that everything I was shrugging off and not pushing people about were pretty serious and I needed to be meaner about my pain.

    For background: Over my last three oncology consultations I've reported 1. The development of clicking in my joints (I sounds like change rattling when I walk now) 2. Bad back pain (third month of it now), not 'a bit of back pain' I mean by the end of an hour or so I need to stretch, sit, or lie down.  3. The hormonal changes leaving me dizzy and unable to sleep (in night sweats - yep I came here for advice because I didn't get any from the doctor I told about it), and 4. That I'm experiencing what I really suspect is lymphedema on my left side (what else explains localised and progressively more severe swelling).

    The oncologist following me through chemo was lovely, I have no problem with her personally at all, but evidently the professional advice on what action I should be taking or checks that should be happening consisted of the words "You poor thing". I just don't feel taken seriously or listened to. You'd think I'd at least be handed a pamphlet or something. During our last consult she literally said there was nothing much for her to do so she was "going to let [me] vent". I can vent on-line :( I need medical advice on this mountain of stuff happening to me, and I honestly thought that's why I was even here (and paying?). *sigh*

    Tomorrow I get to meet my radio oncologist (who has been away as I've started it) and get to nag the poor lady's ear off about everything that has been paid no attention to on top of hear about how the dreaded radiotherapy fatigue with a little nausea to boot has started to set in.

    I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow and see how much of my mile long list was actually worth wanting to have checked out. :neutral:

    Sorry about the super complainy-pants post, but I've had my fill of feeling like my pain is being ignored.
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    Not sure where you are, but if you are thinking you have lymphoedema you should find a lymphoedema therapist. Check out the Australian Lymphology Association website. They have a section where you can find your closest therapist by putting your postcode in. The sooner youstart treatment, the better chance you have of managing it. 
    Wishing you well, Lyn
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