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I can't see what I just posted. I'll try again.
i had a sentinel node biopsy and lumpectomy August 16 th. The cancer removed was very small. It was picked up as suspicious on ultrasound, and after biopsy confirmed as cancer. Mammogram was clear.
been quite a traumatic time. I'm to start taking Tamoxifen soon, and just wanted to get some feedback as to how anyone taking it is finding it.


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    Hi Chanel, after I had a lumpectomy back in 2003 I started on Tamoxifen and I took it for many years without any problems. I have a fatty, funny liver which was playing up a bit so after about 8 years my oncologist and I decided to stop Tamoxifen to help my liver a bit. I understand I will never know if Tamoxifen was having a negative effect on my liver or if it was my liver being naughty regardless of it. After almost 10 years of my initial diagnosis I developed secondary breast cancer. It's now almost 4 years after that second diagnosis and I'm fine and still doing very well. A hug for you.
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    Thankyou for your reply Christina . I'm glad you are fine and doing well
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    Hi Chanel,

     I've been taking Tamoxifen since about July last year.  I take it at night to reduce the side effects and haven't really had a lot.  A few hot flashes and some achey joints,  but that's about it.  Good luck with it :)
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    Hi Chanel,
    Only started my Tamoxifen not quite two months ago. I take mine at night and tend to have a lot of hot flushes during the night, am sleeping badly, waking approx every hour (mind you sleep beautifully on my couch for a couple of hours!!)some aches and pains around my left shoulder and underarm, some mood swings,  but that seems to be about it. The aches and pains could be down to doing a bit too much too quickly as I have to keep reminding myself I'm not supposed to be lifting the same amount of weight as I'm used to!! And as for the mood swings it's more annoyance and just making sure I take a deep breath before I reply or say anything sarcastic :(. Really all pretty good, certainly wouldn't be without it. All the best. Xx Cath
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    Hi! we all react differently to medication and if we're on multiple medications and or treatment it is hard to pin point which is the culprit.  Personally, Tamoxifen is at 15 months and 8 years and 7 months to go, but who's counting!  Aching bones, sweating  I settled into a routine of late afternoon for taking Tamoxifen and that seems to suit.  wishing you all the best with it
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    Hi, I am also taking tamoxifen. Six weeks after a right mastectomy. Been on for a fortnight now and no effects yet touch wood.Take it at night after dinner. Everyone  one is different so  you  might not have any problems with it. we have to be lucky sometimes surely after all we go through earlier on.  I am happy to take it too if it can keep nasties away. Take care and all the best.  Maz. Xx
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    I took Tamoxifen for 4yrs until I had a recurrence in 2015. I also took it at night, I didnt really notice any side effects in that time, however was advised to throw it away when I was re-diagnosed last year as my Cancer came back inspite of lumpectomy, radiation and 4yrs on Tamoxifen. Chemo last year threw me into menopause so have been put now on Arimidex, which I find side effects are much much more than Tamoxifen. Am sure you'll be ok.
    Melinda xo
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    What's the point of taking Tamoxifen then if it doesn't protect you ? That's why it's prescribed ! I'd like a response from this comment. 
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    Perhaps you should speak with your medical professionals if you are uncertain about Tamoxifen and ask for an alternative if you're not comfortable. 

    Follow the link below for more information on Hormone therapy


    Take care
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    I have spoken to my surgeon in depth about tamoxifen , and the oncologist.
    what I'm being told is that the medication will protect against hormone related cancer.
    because of osteopaenia I can't take the other medication. It's not like I have a choice. The side effects from the newer drug are more numerous than Tamoxifen is also what I was told. From what I have read in Melindas post , it didn't work 
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    Hello Chanel,
    There maybe a number of reasons why Tamoxifen did not work for Melinda but it has worked for many other women. Unfortunately no matter what treatment we are given, some of us will have a recurrence. Nothing has a 100% success rate but most women live long cancer free lives with these treatments. All any of us can do is follow the best recommendations from our medical team for our particular situation. I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years and found I had few side effects. I hope you find the same. As iserbrown suggested your doctors are the best people to answer any concerns you may have. Take care.
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    Thankyou Deanne  o:)
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    You are correct, Tamoxifen, Arimidex and a few others all do the same thing, they are to protect against Cancer in hormone receptive Cancer. My Oncologist said that taking the medication after all treatment is like putting a lock on the door so to speak...to make sure it never comes back.

    My recurrence actually left my Breast Surgeon gobsmacked he said its unexplainable, one of the elitest in Melbourne, there were NO reasons for the recurrence unfortunately. I have ER+ only, I had aggressive treatment, lumpectomy, clear margins, no node involvement and tamoxifen 4yrs. I was put into like a 2% risk of recurrence...just plain old bad luck basically. That is all.

    So Chanel, I say to you, absolutely your Medical Team are the ones to listen to, I have no regrets at all, and as much as I don't like Arimidex and the side effects, Im taking it. Honestly, for me, in the scheme of everything, its super easy. I believe you'd be absolutely fine on Tamoxifen. 

    Melinda xo
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    Thanks Melinda, no matter how you look at this , there are no guarantees . We have to trust out medical team and keep focussed on living our life to the fullest, staying in the now and being grateful we are alive .
    hugs back x
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    Oh I forgot to mention I had radiation together with that surgery and 4yrs Tamoxifen, so there was nothing more I could have done. 

    We absolutely have to put our trust and faith in the Professionals and honestly if it werent for my Breast Surgeon 5yrs ago after a benign biopsy insisted something was wrong, so I had a lumpectomy and thank goodness otherwise it would have been missed.

    I actually dont even think about the medication, its just peace of mind taking it. So rest easy, certainly worth doing. 

    Melinda xo
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