Woman walked 1,000 miles topless for breast cancer awareness

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Have you heard about Paulette Leaphart?

Paulette is an American woman who walked 1,000 miles topless to raise awareness of breast cancer and fight social norms about breasts and women's bodies.

She told ESPN W:

"I'm still beautiful. I still turn heads even though I don't have breasts. It doesn't make me less of a woman. I'm a girly girl. I like getting dressed up, putting on makeup and everything else, but I refuse to allow one standard definition of beauty to exist in my household. That sets us all up for disappointment when things change. Regardless of what we look like, we should be celebrated."

You can read the whole story and see pictures here.

What do you think of Paulette's walk?



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    I don't  know how I feel about the whole topless thing. Is it really advertising the trauma of it all,  does it really mean she is still suffering and wants others to acknowledge that? Whilst I support the photoshoots etc I am just not sure about the length of time she is doing this for. I hope she heals internally too from her breast cancer experience.