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Hello and welcome to the Friday update!

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We have 15 new members join the Online Network this week. Please give a warm welcome to bean23, Frizz, KathnMad and all our new members. We had 39 posts and 357 comments with Chemo being one of the common topics discussed. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences they may be having or had with this treatment. Even though each person’s journey is different when undergoing chemo, it really helps our new members have a better understanding by hearing from others.  I wanted to share some of those posts with you–

BCNA News & Events
An international clinical trial has found that extending aromatase inhibitor treatment from five to ten years provides further protection against breast cancer coming back for some women. For more information click here

Breast cancer affects the whole family. Shock, sadness, anxiety and anger are all completely normal emotions for partners and family to feel. If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer or someone close to you has, click here to visit our family and friends section on our website. Let's make sure every member of the family has the information and support they need.

BCNA Upcoming Forums: Vietnamese Information Forum - Saturday 9 July 2016 and Wednesday 20 July 2016

Take on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Team Pink Lady at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

We are excited to announce that this year we will be taking our Pink Lady Luncheons to five locations around the country – Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Held in the prelude to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the luncheons are a special opportunity to enjoy an exquisite day out in support of all Australians affected by breast cancer. We hope you can join us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
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