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hi everyone been a while since I've been on here, I'm feeling terrific, been doing a lowcarb healthy fat way of eating, working wonders, lost about 17 kilos feel terrific as I said would recommend it all. 

My question is I now have enough hair to work with again,what's everyone's thoughts on getting a few foils put in? Just asking because of all the Chemo and radiation last year. 

Thanks in advance. Enjoy your day ??

Glynnis ????


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    I decided not to colour my hair again (I had chemo only but just went off the idea (having coloured, bleached and variously maltreated my hair all my life!).  Also it kept changing colour all by itself, so hardly any need and I wasn't sure what was coming next!

    I am having a few foils now, and I reckon it would be relatively harmless to do so sooner.

    Good luck

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    Congratulations on your weight loss. I'm only short and in the past was always trying to loose weight.  However during all my treatment, chemo and radio, I lost about 6 kilos and now trying to put weight on, crazy isn't it.

    my hair is coming back slowly and white with a dark streak on top. I have decided not to colour it again. But I'm intersected how you go with streaks/foils so please keep us posted.

    i suggest you give it a go.

    good luck and so pleased you are feeling terrific,  keep that up. ????????

    Anne-Marie ??

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