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Head Spin

Emma H
Emma H Member Posts: 48
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Hi All

My head is still spinning.  2.5 weeks ago I was a busy mum to 2 under school age boys, working part-time, and halfway through my third pregnancy. Now I  have had a mastectomy,  partial auxiliary node clearance, a fairly scary diagnosis,  had to change obs and maternity hospitals and I now have more doctors and specialists than I do fingers??.

The last two years have been hell enough losing my mum to leukemia at just 57, then my darling nan a couple months later only to be followed by my 1.5 yr old niece to be diagnosed with leukemia also - fingers crossed she gets the all clear. .. just waiting on final results afer bone marrow transplant) - and now this!

However bub is unfazed by any of this and is coming along just fine.  I'm nervous about starting chemo with him still on board but I'm assured  he will be fine. Anyway after all this "action" it was reassuring to see his "face" - made me cry but happy tears for a change. Here's the sneak peak I got.  

Thanks for the vent! 

Emma xx


  • lrb_03
    lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,266
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    Gorgeous. Tears are good, happy or otherwise. 

    Pregnancy can be such an emotional time, at the best of times, let alone adding all you've been through in the last couple of years, and now this diagnosis. Take advantage of any available counselling options, it could be really helpful.

    I'll be thinking of you. 

    Take care, Lyn

  • Tracey62
    Tracey62 Member Posts: 298
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    Oh Emma, what a precious gift to see your sons sweet little face after all you have been through.  What a traumatic 2 years you have had, I can't begin to understand the grief you carry. Hold on to the good, the ones you love and the memory of those you still love.  Allow that love to strengthen you heart, body and soul as you recover from surgery. My heart goes out to you, with love, Tracey ??

  • Nadi
    Nadi Member Posts: 619
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    Absolutely beautiful!!!!  Hold on to the joy you have already with your two boys and now this third precious bub. I am sure it will be your love for them that will get you through. 

    All the best


  • adean
    adean Member Posts: 1,036
    edited January 2016

    Your boys will be what keeps you going , having a beautiful goal will help you muster the strength you need on the days you just can't be bothered. Adean 


  • Emma H
    Emma H Member Posts: 48
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    Thanks for all the kind words.  Xx

  • Cook65
    Cook65 Member Posts: 733
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    Oh hello there little man!  ??

    unfortunately Emma your doctors have seen this all before so they will know if and what risks there are to have treatment whilst bubby is on board. Be guided by them.  Keep this photo of your little mans face handy and every time you need a boost, just have a look. Happy tears are good!  Karen xox