I am scared

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I have been diagnosed with breast cancer today xxxx tough luck x where do I start?

Cancel Law school, leave work, cry, sleep, stop the new business - Am I allowed to be scared?

Can I cry?



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    You sure are allowed to be scared - and the 1st few weeks of diagnosis is hard. But once you have your treatment plan, pick yourself up and fight this disease. We all understand how you feel as we have all been here. stay on this network for support and ask questions. I was diagnosed 6th february last year - have had lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. There is life after diagnosis.

    Marg xx

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    Welcome to the site, if you wern't scared I would be surprised. It is such a shock when you are told that you have cancer, I still remember when I was told, one of my first thoughts was did I really hear that right.

    Once you have time for it all to sink in and get a treatment plan things will settle a bit. My advice is get yourself a diary because appointments become your life for a a while This site is great to ask Questions and vent we have all been there, Take care and be kind to yourself and cry all you need toxxx

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    Hi Aye, welcome to the site.  It's great source of support especially in the early days and also all the way through your treatment plan.  It is such a scary time especially in the early days, hours.  Don't forget to breathe. 

    • If you haven't already, get the 'my journey kit' from bcna (free).  Lots of information and advice.
    • Take someone with you in the appointments to remember your questions in case you forget.
    • Waiting for appointments and pathology results is always the worst.
    • Take one thing at a time.
    • Be kind to yourself in the early days.  Once you know what you're facing & the treatment plan is ahead or started just  take it slowly.

    I was diagnosed earlier this year  April and currently going though chemo .  (after surgery)

    Sending big hugs your way, you're allowed to cry and you're allowed to be scared.  Remember bc is one of the more treatable cancers out there.

    Karen xx



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    Hi and welcome to the network. I would describe my first days after my diagnosis like walking through a fog, with so many tests, appointments, conversations and decisions to make. Then trying to counsel my family and friends who were also distressed. You are allowed to be scared, that's normal. You're allowed to cry, that's better than holding it in. Breast cancer is one of the more successfully treated cancers and you are in good hands. Write things down in a diary, take your questions for appointments on a notepad so you can look back and process the information. Take a support person with you to your appointments, they will help you absorb and remember what is happening for you. Keep coming back to this site, everyone is awesome here and will give you advice and support along the way. I went onto sick leave initially, then holiday leave. I took that time to make my decision about work, and ended up resigning, so that I could concentrate on my treatment. My workplace was very supportive along the way, and I know of some ladies who have negotiated part time hours with their employers, so have a chat with your employer about your options. Sending you a big cuddle, Trace ??

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    Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, also welcome to the site, the best place to come to as everyone understands what you are going through. It is life changing news, my best advice is to take one day at a time, looking too far ahead is daunting. Once you get your treatment plan, you will fight this. You are allowed to be scared certainly. Big cyber hugs to you, 

    Hazel xx

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    Hi Aye, sorry to hear that you have joined the club no one wants to be part of.  Scared is normal, who would feel happy with a cancer diagnosis?  I have kept working through my treatment (reduced hours) and decided at the outset I wasn't going to make life all about cancer and wanted to keep living around it.  No one has certainty in life, just watch the news tonight, but the statistics say most breast cancer suffers will recover and go on to lead healthy lives.  So whilst we continue to struggle with our fears lets keep trying to remind ourselves of the optimistic prognosis most will enjoy.  All the best XXXX

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    Hi there when I first was diagnosised I saw myself in a casket and I still feel those first few weeks are awful and for me the worst part of it.  Can I suggest not making big decisions but just pausing until you know more about what is required or what you will decide is what you want to do? My treatment involved lumpectomy, radiation and hormone treatment and I kept my life going pretty much as usual. It's difficult to adjust to a cancer diagnosis so let all those feeling and anxieties come up but give yourself some time to adjust best wishes.  

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    Thank you everyone. All the encouraging words  lift my spirit up xx aota of hope . 

    It was so daunting to hear i have cancer  as the first thought  that came to my head is that i will die  tomorrow.  Thank you again  peeps. You are all my strength.  

    Will keep on touch 

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    Its normal to be scared with a new cancer diagnosis.  I wouldn't do anything rash or lifechanging until you know a little more about exactly what you have and what you need to do. 

    I was diagnosed in March.  Lumpectomy, radiation and now tablets have all been very do-able while still living my life.  The way I look at it, I was just as healthy on the day I was diagnosed as I was the day before, the only difference is that now I knew I had a problem and I was able to do something about it.

    Good luck with it all, just take it one day at a time and you will be okay.