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Why do some breast cancers come back?

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Recently, several EMPathy Breast Cancer Network researchers collaborated to produce an article that was published by 'The Conversation'. The article is entitled, 'Explainer: why do some breast cancers come back?' The article link is below, and as the BCNA Consumer Representative for the EMPathy BCN I'd be interested in your thoughts ...

Background Funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)  the EMPathy BCN is a national collaboration of scientists, surgeons, medical oncologists and a BCNA consumer representative (advocate) investigating the role of epithelial mesenchymal plasticity (EMP) in breast cancer recurrence.  I am the BCNA consumer representative volunteer and have spent many days over the last few years working with this extraordinary team of researchers who are investigating why some breast cancers come back as secondary (advanced, metastatic) breast cancer in the bones and organs. At a recent meeting we discussed the need for articles to be published that are reader-friendly and not too heavy on the scientific explanations.  Like many others diagnosed with breast cancer, I don't have a science background, but I do want to read articles I can understand.  For more information about the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network, a link to the website is below. Thanks for reading.



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