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Hi Girls

What a great day. Did my 4.5 klm run without a stop, reached my my goal.  Very significant for me as it is exactly 12months since my last chemo., A little bit emotional for me actually but  I feel great.  What a lot of wonderful inspirational women.  Sorry I didn't see you after Sarah.

See you all soon.



  • Lyn11
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    Good stuff Lee! And what an anniversary!  I'm so pleased for you that.

    Midge did the run as well and looked for Sarah and you but couldn't see anyone...too many people. I had to work but I still had a really good day. It was our 40th wedding anniversary as well as Mothers Day so after the run Midge and her family called into the shop with a large plastic bin containing 40 presents! It was a great day but next year I would really love to join in the walk with the other women.

    We won't see you this Wed as it is in the morning but I will see you on the 25th?


  • Sarah 51
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    Hi Lee

    Amazing to have seen you amonst all those people. Well done for running the 4.5kms. I enjoyed my 4.5km walk with Jean. Was great seeing all the people there. Next year I might try a run! Jean and I were hoping that we all could walk next year looks like Lynne is a goer already!

    See you on 25th.

    Love Sarah

  • brissie lyn
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    I knew you had it in you - after all, you were a Fernwood girl!  Excellent work!

    Hoep to see you at one of our catch ups.