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Whyalla Pink Spirits Breast Cancer Support Group

RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23

Our Group has been going strong since forming in early 2011.

We are still meeting weekly, either for Afternoon Tea at the Sundowner Hotel/Motel or for a craft day at Spotlight. We alternate between the 2 venues.

There is always a notice in the Community Diary section of the Whyalla News. (local paper)

In April....weekend of  17th, 18th & 19th we are holding a very special Event......A "Health & Lymphoedema Awareness EXPO" which we are fortunate to have received a very generous grant from the Whyalla City Council to enable us to run this function.

Professor Neil Piller, a Lymphologist, and a leader in his field, will be bringing a team of professionals to Whyalla, where they will conduct a presentation of the Friday evening, then workshops & screenings on Saturday and if necessary on the Sunday as well.

This is a very exciting venture for us and we are thrilled to be hosting it for the benefit of people in Whyalla and surrounds.

We thank BCNA for their support with this event also.

Contact me (Rae) for more information.



  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    Whyalla Pink Spirits have much that has happened since our last posting.......We have been a very busy group, who all work well together for the benefit of our Members.
    We receive a great deal of support from the public & from businesses, which we are very grateful for.

    We meet every Friday afternoon.  Alternately at the Sundowner Motel/Hotel in their dining room - for afternoon tea (which costs us $7.00 per person) 2pm til 4pm & the other Friday in the Vicki Ledo meeting room at the Whyalla Library from 1pm til 4pm.

    Because of the support that we receive we have been able to donate quite a lot to the Whyalla Hospital.....Lymphoedema night wraps for breast cancer patients, pulse hand held lasers for lymphoedema clients, breast forms - for educational purposes - to the McGrath Breast Care Nurse, also chilly towels to be given to breast cancer clients - through the nurse....3 blood pressure machines for the Chemotherapy Unit, a huge part of the cost of a Cooling Cap Machine for the Chemo Unit -
    We fund & operate our "Hair to Help" Wig Lending Library which is housed at the Whyalla Hospital...... We are very proud of the fact that clients now have a selection of 180 + wigs to choose from. We operate on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis.

    Because we are such a successful support group and because we are the only support group in Whyalla - we have recently opened our group up to other Ladies going through ANY type
    of cancer who might like some emotional support to help them through.

    CONTACTS:- President Raelene Williams 0429 966 094
    Secretary of WPS & Manager of  Hair to Help Marie Woodfield 0428 292 038

  • kmakmkmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    Brilliant! What a wonderful group. You are to be congratulated on your amazing, kind and generous work. The world needs more of you @Raele! K xox
  • SisterSister Member Posts: 4,960
    I've heard lots of great things about your group on the grapevine, Raelene.  Awesome work!
  • arpiearpie Member Posts: 6,371
    Congratulations on your superb cancer support group, @Raele - that is just awesome!

    And how thoughtful that you are able to now extend it to all cancer sufferers xxx
  • SisterSister Member Posts: 4,960
    I think we had the Amoena rep at Encore direct from your conference.  She said it was a blast!
  • jennyssjennyss Member Posts: 1,657
    Dear @Raele, Congratulations on the fantastic work of your group; very inspiring. I imagine your new members who are dealing with other forms of cancer will feel very included and supported by your group. Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    Sister said:
    I think we had the Amoena rep at Encore direct from your conference.  She said it was a blast!
    Thanks Sister......Donna, from Amoena, is a great support to us and such a lovely person to have as their rep.
  • kitkatbkitkatb Member Posts: 442
    Wow what a strong support system you have @Raele  How blessed is the Whyalla surrounds to have a dedicated bunch of beautiful people putting so much back into the community to all people affected by this dreadful disease.    
  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    We are terribly lucky. We have a great team of members & so much support from the community. 

  • Jane221Jane221 Member Posts: 1,185
    Awesome work @Raele looks like your group is going from strength to strength and making an enormous difference in your area xx
  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    WHYALLA  South Australia & Surrounds.
    Don't forget - If you undergoing chemo, losing your hair & have the need to borrow a wig, WPS fund and operate our fabulous "Hair to Help" wig lending library - with our WPS Secretary and Manager of the wig library being the No 1 contact......BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - so ring Marie 0428 292 038 to book in.
    The wig library is situated at the Hospital and can be accessed from Monday to Friday. We work in partnership with the Whyalla Hospital & Health Services.
    Thanks to the wonderful local support that we receive - from many avenues - we now have 180+ wigs to choose from.
  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    Whyalla Pink Spirits Members are so looking forward to the BCNA Forum coming up in Adelaide.  There will be 8 Members and 2 very supportive husbands who are traveling over
    400 ks to attend, staying 3 nights in Adelaide.  We are excited at the prospect of being able to once again hear some very special guest speakers.  It will be great!
    Don't miss out.  Make the most of this opportunity.
  • RaeleRaele Member Posts: 23
    The Survivorship Conference "Together Towards Tomorrow" is drawing closer.  Those of us heading to Adelaide to attend this are getting very excited.  We are so looking forward to yet another successful BCNA Forum & to catching up with old friends.
    See you there!
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