Research: Exercise slows tumour growth

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In a study published in the 16 March 2015, issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers led by Duke Cancer Institute scientists studied the impact of exercise in models of breast cancer in mice.

They found that exercise stimulated significant improvements in the number and function of blood vessels around the tumours, improving oxygen flow to the cancer site. When treated with chemotherapy, the tumours shrank markedly better than they did in sedentary animals.
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    Sounds good to me!

    I kept up walking and went to a weekly Physio supervised pilates class and it helped with my mood and energy levels all through chemo. 



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    This is so true:)exercise alleviates tiredness,and makes us FEEL better.I also walked a lot,right through my treatment.The amount of factual information regarding this is now overwhelming,so I feel that we should all be doing some form of exercise as one way of giving our bodies the best chance of protection.Cheers xoxRobyn