My journey begins!

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Diagnosed on Tuesday after the dreaded Breastscreen Qld recall. Told I have a 9mm tumour, to see specialist on 24 Feb and told will probably be operated on to remove it and lymph node followed by radiation.  Feeling very apprehensive as I've spent the last 18 months supporting my sister through a mastectomy,  chemo and reconstruction. Trying to get my head around the effect of the next few months on family and work commitments.  Still haven't told all my family about my diagnosis. Know it will be a terrible shock to my mum who turns 82 next month. 



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    Sorry you got a diagnosis.  Nobody ever wants or expects to hear that.  I remember that dazed feeling where it hasn't really sunk in.  It takes some time.   You obviously have some good background knowledge and experience that is going to help you through.  I hate that waiting time where you don't know everything about your own condition and you fear the worst.  You'll be ok though.  I had tumours of about that size and bad nodes and I'm on the chemo/radio journey too.  It's amazing how many of us there are and we'll be ok.  Hang in there and get through the next few weeks.  Just take it one day at a time.   Tell your family when you're ready.  Your sister is going to be a huge support too.  



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    Hi Natasha

    Thank you for your supportive words. I've decided staying busy between now and my 1st appointment with my oncologist is the best way to keep the jitters at bay. Finished painting my kitchen this morning! I hope and pray all goes well for you and all the other brave wonderful ladies on this website.

    Hugs to you too