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Nuclear bone top to tail

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your messages and replies, again this is a wonderful site. No one really understands unless they are doing the "cancer bit".

Wednesday is an all day affair and hopefully results will be in by the Friday. The 4 days before Gold Coast trip are becoming a little scary!

Tuesday 16th is Heceptin and catch up with my lovely medical oncologist (not)

Wednesday free but exhuasted from Tuesday

Thursday a CT and the another journey across Perth CBD for catch up and first appointment with Brain surgeon. Then back to Mandurah by train (2 hours) Back up and HOORAYYY to Perth Domestic for lift off to Gold Coast for 3 weeks!

And guys whatever the news is I don't care as I am spending Chrimbo with my 5 children and little sister and her 3 children. First time cousins have got together and it's going to be amazing. I hope everyone here has something to look forward too!

This trip was arranged last Jan when I was first diagnosed with stage 3, who would not have thought it would now be stage four, not me but god - I am so glad this trip was arranged. I am one lucky mother!

Keep safe and Christmas cyber hugs to you all, catch you in the new year.



  • Candygirl
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    Hope you have this all written down, so that you remember where you have to be and what day it is. Hectic is an understatement.

    Have the best time with your family at Christmas, yes we will all be thinking of you.

    Let everyone take care of you and enjoy this time.

    Sending love

    Candy xxxx

  • Diana_rae
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    We retired to the Gold Coast from FNQ. It has been a great place to be diagnosed with BC. From routine mammography to surgeons, hospital, oncologists, radiotherapists & radiotherapy We can get all we need here in the Private & Public system.