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The Art of Shaping – Understanding your Body Shape

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The Art of Shaping – Understanding your Body Shape

Part 1

Understanding your Body Shape can help you in many ways, here are a few from the top of my head:

  • Dress more flattering & look fabulous
  • learn how to hide no-show bits, and show off your assets
  • It is an Art to learn about yourself , and yes starting with your own
     BODY Shape
  • As you learn more about your Body shape, you can become confidence about what your body shelters – Love, Compassion, illness, generosity, Beauty, energy, sadness
  • Acceptance 
  • Save $$$, because you start to buy clothes that you will look good in – not what you might look good in (which end up in your wardrobe rather then on you)
  • De-clutter your wardrobe with only Clothes that make you look fabulous & feel good about
  • ... ???


So here it is ladies … Time to confront your beautiful shape – Learn the Art – Practice the Art of shaping … Dress Flatteringly and you will feel Better … The power will radiate to your soul and your children + love ones


Body Shape 101

What is your Body Shape?  The Traditional Way ….


I’ve been trying to find sites that give you simple definitions and shopping guide on types of clothing base on body shapes.  I think this is so far the easiest one to use. 



What is your Body Shape? The “New Age” way …

Not sure I like this “New Age” definitions started by Triump, whereby it renames all the body shapes based on famous painters.  I find it hard to use, because it is lack of association with the actual shapes, it is too airy fairy for me ... I am “De Vinci” what does that mean?

What is your Body Shape? The Trinny and Susannah way …




(Who are Trinny and Susannah? Two British ladies who show women how to dress to feel better about themselves)


Let's practice:

  • go to your wardrobe and grab a piece of clothing you absolutely love to wear when you feel happy, or one that make you feel fabulous.  Why do think this piece of clothing looks flattering on you?
  • Optional: Now put it on – close your eyes, may be count to 30 or 60. See if you can associate this fabulous you with all the happy moments
  • Optional: You may want to tell yourself – You are still a beautiful person!




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