Wig Shopping

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What a hectic life I've been leading lately - appointments, appointments, appointments.  Today I had a 9am appointment to have my hair cut off, but decided to postpone until the following week and enjoy it a little longer, as I don't think it will ever be this long again.  I've talked about getting a short haircut for ages, but there won't be any  backing out at the last minute this time - no choice.

I've chosen a wig and think that short hair suits me.  Last week Julie (secretly)  took some photos in the wig salon to show the kids and the first thing they said was I look like "Nana Mary" - not that, that is a bad thing.  The colour looked too light.  They'll get to see for real next Friday.

I bought my first two bandanas today from Anaconda.  There's a whole world of headwear fashion out there which should be fun to experiment with.

Meals on wheels had visited while I was out - Julie had dropped in some yummy pumpkin soup.  Where does she get the energy from?