Relay for Life

Samantha Cunnington
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Well I am back!!!! I have not been here for a couple of busy getting sorted for our Relay For Life event (i am team captain)..Well, as a team, we managed to raise just over $4500 for the cancer council, we had 45 registered team members (over$106K and over 2000 participants for the whole region event)..we had a fantastic time.I spoke at the carers and survivors ceremony which went really well. A copy of this speech and pics are on facebook....if ur interested in seeing them look me up on there (i am the one with the pink ribbon on my pic!) i have set these pics and speech so that everybody can see them.  I feel so proud of myself and our team and its nice to be doing something active and positive, then to gain such a wonderful result is so uplifting...

Sam  :)


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    Wow, Sam -- what a fabulous effort!  No wonder you're proud of yourself.  Such a great result. :)

  • hb
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    Welcome back & congratulations! Sounds like you've done a great job -- and speaking at an event is no mean feat, too. Well done you.

    Go well