Strathpine Coffee Club

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Judging by the turn-out I think we will be having a few more get togethers at the Bowls Club! It was a great afternoon and I was so pleased everybody came. I also really like having a good mix of people as we have young and old (I can say old as the oldest!) and from all walks of life. We are a wonderful bunch and I am really going to enjoy getting to know everyone.
Gayle was a fountain of knowledge and we picked up quite a few good ideas from her, the best one being the dental grant. She will have to come to future meets as well so we can pick her brains some more.

Our next date is on the 2nd March at 5pm at the Pine Rivers Bowls Club but we will get an area that isn't directly under the air con!  .....sorry about that! We are having it earlier than usual as Jean will be having her op the next day and we want to wish her luck before she goes into hospital.

looking forward to meeting up with you all again and saying welcome back to OZ to Lyn,