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Hi all,


Lorraine and I have just completed our first day here at the clinical trials training called Project Lead in Cancun, Mexico.

It has been inspiring meeting attendees from around the world and learning about cancer & cancer treatments at the cellular level and evidence based healthcare. I am sure that this knowledge will hold me in good stead for my future work as a breast cancer advocate.


There are delegates from many countries including Turkey, Sweden, India, Japan, South Africa, NZ, Georgia, Belarus, Mexico, USA, Canada, Venezuela, and a fellow BCNA member from Sydney Cheryl Grant. Delegates are both breast cancer survivors and people who work in the breast cancer field.  It has also been fascinating hearing of the care that our friends from around the globe receive for breast cancer. We have a lot to learn from each other and to share with each other!


Lorraine and I are both looking forward to what tomorrow has in store - we will keep you posted.


Buenos noches from Mexico,




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    Hello all,


    Just completed day 3 of our project lead training program. Lorraine and I continue to be challenged, inspired and determined to further our efforts regarding breast cancer prevention and treatment. We were interested to discover that the project lead's focus is to "stop breast cancer" by 2020. they are joining forces internationally with various disciplines of cancer care to establish a more focused, collaborative and structured approach to find a "cure" that combats all types of breast cancer. Have a look at the NBCC website for more details at


    I have been personally interested in discovering that some risk factors for getting breast cancer are different for the triple negative cancers (ie younger pregancies arent protective) and that they are trialling a drug called PARP inhibitor to treat triple negative cancers.


    The conference finishes tomorrow. We will be looking at ethical and safety issues of research and how to apply what we've learnt regarding advocacy back in our own countries.


    Buenos noches for now,


    Petrina and Lorraine