thursday 27th jan

sharon robertson
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Well what a challenging few days ........ i have had a bad reaction to the dressings and can you imagine how hard it is to not scratch ...... i ended up back at the hospital because my skin looks like i have had a kettle full of hot water pored on me.........ouch........ also a bit of infection so now i am wraped up like a turkey in a big bandage ...... hopefully now it will all settle down off today to the surgeon to get my results so i know where we go from here ......cross your fingers that he got it all and that surrounding tissue is clear 



  • viperviv
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    Fingers crossed love hope results are what you want or can cope with good luck xoxox

  • Di_BCNA
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    Ouch, shaz!  I've had that dressing-reaction-itch, so I feel for you. 

    Fingers definitely crossed for your results.

  • moira1
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    ouch ouch ouch, sorry to hear about the infection, thinking of you today, and fingers crossed for your results. regards

  • Christine Denniss
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    HI Shaz, How did you go with the surgeon? Hope they got it all.

    I also found out the hard way with allergic reactions to all dressings. I was covered in blisters and the riped half my skin off when they removed the dressings. They got infected too and man was that fun. I now have NO DRESSINGS on my medical records. Even Micropore tape is no good. It was worse and took longer to heal than the mastectomy did.

    Well I know now.

    Let us know how you got on and how you are going? We are like sisters here.

    Take Care Xoxox

    Chrissy D :)

  • Wendy Stip
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    Hope it all goes well for you today.