Queensland Floods

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My thoughts are with all the Queenslanders who are going through so much at the moment with the floods....and now it seems to be affecting NSW, Victoria and Tasmania too!  I truly hope that none of the ladies on this site have been affected too badly.  You have been through enough already!


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    Here in Gracemere near Rockhampton - we have been delighted to be able to get into Rockhampton today for the first time in 2 weeks due to the road being flooded.  We had to go the long way around.  We actually had to go in today for medical reasons for my husband (that's another story - very serious - DVT all the way up his left leg).  I am so worried about him and of course myself as I need his support at this time.  It is hard to "keep it altogether" when your mate goes down.  I now know how he has felt about my two diagnosi.  I have to administer an injection into his stomach each morning - until whenever the Warfarin  kicks in and his blood readings are what the doctor requires.  I have never given an injection to anyone in my life but I will give it my best SHOT!!!  Thanks for thinking of all the Queenslanders - there are some in real dire straights. XLeonie

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    Whats that old phrase " water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink?"

    Thats definately the case wherever you look.  As if the crisis in Qld wasn't bad enough, we now have it happening all over again in Vic and Tassie.

    Don't know what we are in store for here in Wentworth - we are on the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers so we will have a flood without rain - probably by the end of the month or early Feb. when the waters in both these rivers meet.

    The waters from western Qld all eventually flow into the Darling and Murray rivers and because all of the wiers, lakes and dams are already full the water will spread out across western NSW.

    The rivers in Northern Vic - Lodden, Avoca, Cambese (near Swan Hill and Echuca) flow into the Murray.  Towns and rural properties are going under - Horsham, Charlton , Donald and lots of little towns that no-one has never heard of.  It willtake a long time for all of thes people to recover.

    I have the Darling at my back yard and each day we are watching it get higher.  Properties that back onto the river are protected in part by a levee which is good, but there are a lot of low lying areas the water can get into.

    Life goes on however, can't waste energies worrying about what might happen - I'm just thankful to be here to watch it.

    Had my first anniversary of diagnosis last week and looking forward to many more.

    Take care everyone

    Cheers ..... Shirl xx