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This morning i woke up thinking i have such a wonderful family, and some amazing friends.

I know that cancer is never a good thing to go through, but so far in my life its probably the best time for me to go through breast cancer as im in such a great place in my life when it comes to my family and friends. I dont think i have ever had such a strong network..

This is why i can get up in the morning with a smile on my face and take on any challenge that is thrown to me on that day.  You all give me such inner strength.

Thankyou to all my family and friends that surround me and my girls.




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    Well done to you, you seem to be positive about whats going on, and your right, there is never a good time to go through bcm but friends, family and a good network, just makes it that little bit easier, so good on you, and please keep comming back here, i am sure with your attitude you can give other support, so thank you for posting your blog, regards moira