Ode for Survival

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I want to share my rhyme with you...I wrote this sometime after having breast cancer.

           Ode for Survival

In this universe you will see

People just like you and me

Why we're here we do not know

Days come and days go

We look for peace, love and glory

Now I'll tell you my story.

Feeling well until one day

The doctor must have his say

He tells of an illness

Many have to bear

Of horrid side effects

Like losing all your hair

Friends and family gather round

All making a mighty sound

Prayers are given up to the Lord

And then he pulls his magic cord

I've conquered my foe and so can you

Positive thinking is the thing to do!


by Terri  Sander



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    Hi just wanted to thank very much for your story, I found it to be quite light hearted and enjoyable read despite the circumstances.

    I was diagnosed in April 2010, have had two lots of surgery (still have my boobs though...lol not that wld matter if it was matter of life n death)

    Waiting to speak to oncologist (gee I never even know there was a word before all this ha ha) next week for an appointment about my next step.

    Your positiveness inspires me!

    Kind regards

  • grandma57
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    Yes, I've been through the breast cancer journey, 7 years ago, and came out triumphant.

    I'm now facing bulging discs in my back, that I've had for a while now, and this causes a slight walking problem and I'm unable to walk any great distance without the aid of a crutch.

    Another problem caused by these discs is a pinched nerve in the left leg creating constant pain and I'm on a waiting list to see the specialist.

    However, I believe in never giving up. We can work through our problems and we shouldn't let illness overcome us if we can help it.

    Try to stay positive...that's my moto and always has been.

    I have been involved in motorsport for 17 years. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother and have just won an Australian Championship at age 53.

    So I say to you!
    Find an achieveable goal and aim for it.
    And if you don't have a dream, create one.

    Focus on your well being, not your illness, and reach for the sky.

    Terri Sander
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    If my story can help ease someone elses mind then I have achieved the purpose in writing my story.

    Stay positive and you will conquer all!

    Please feel free to keep me informed on your progress and I wish you well.