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I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks now and have really enjoyed reading all the posts....

I am 50 and was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 18th dec...its been a bit of a wait over the Christmas break for the journey to begin, but have spent this time drinking wonderful green smoothies/juices and taking vitamins to boost my immune system for what lies ahead..

There is so much new lingo to learn...all i know about mine at this stage is that its the hormone one that has gone into a i cant name it with the proper terminology. The surgeon said that I will have to have radiotherapy and possibly chemo.

I am having a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on the 15th jan....after the sentinel node scan that morning...i have a 2 hour drive between scan and surgery as I live in regional its going to be a long day.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a gap fee that i will have to pay for the sentinel node scan...

This site has been really good, full of useful information...and the my journey kit has some great books...its amazing and reassuring to know that there is so much support available...

All the best for those having surgery today, I am sure that they are not on line, but sending you good wishes anyway...




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    Welcome to the best online network anywhere!!! I am 59 and had invasive ductal carcinoma,diagnosed last year.I have finished chemo,and started Tamoxifen yesterday:) I had my sentinel node biopsy at RPAn Sydney,and Imam trying to remember what the gap fee was.The test is expensive,and from memory,I think the gap was somewhere around 200 dollars.Dont hold me to this though!!!Perhaps you could call up the hospital where you are going,and ask about the gap.They are always helpful.This is such an unknown journey,but believe me,with the help and support from this network,teamed with the medical side of it, you couldn't get any better.All the best,and let us know how you go.xoxo Robyn
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    I think ringing up would be your best idea to confirm any gap you may need to pay. I must say that part of the process is such a blur that I honestly don't know what I paid.

    I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in May last year and have had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation and am now on tamoxifen to stop any cancer cells that may try to use estrogen to reproduce as my cancer was positive for estrogen and progesterone.

    It is not an easy journey but you get through it one step at a time. There are lots of good days as well as the bad ones along the way. Now I feel that life is good again and I have a new appreciation of how special so many everyday things really are! Hope things go well for your surgery and keep in touch. Take care. Deanne xxx
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    Firstly welcome to the site, and second I am sorry for what you are about to travel through but we are all here to assist.

    Like the other ladies mine is a bit of a blur, I always checked those things out with the doctors and hospitals in advance or my husband did so we could manage our finances as best we could.

    Good luck with your surgery and fingers crossed that no chemo is needed.

    Sending hugs


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    I agree with Deanne and Robyn that ringing your hospital is the best way to find out about the gap payment. At this crazy blurred time you may not take everything and for me, I relied on my husband to ask all the questions and note down the answers. I honestly don't remember much about all the initial appointments and information I was given. I was diagnosed on the 20th Dec 2012 so almost the same as you a year before. I know how frustrating it is waiting at this time of year for things to happen. I had to wait until the 22nd of Jan to have my lumpectomy and the wait nearly did me in. I then had to have 6 months of chemo followed by a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. But I'm now a year on and life is good again. I'm cancer free and, apart from a few hickups post surgery, I'm well and happy.

    This network is amazing and all the wonderful pink sisters are here to hold your hand and help you along the way. It's great to put down your feelings whether you're up or down and know that you are not alone and that we all understand EXACTLY what you're going through.

    I hope all goes well on the 15th Jo. Sending you good vibes and positive thoughts.

    Love Janey xxx