October farewells

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Today, Monday 28 October, is Australia’s Breast Cancer Day. A day for us to reflect on the impact of breast cancer and show support for women, men and families personally affected.

Today, like every day, BCNA pays tribute.

Fortunately for most women diagnosed with breast cancer the outlook is very good. But for those whose disease has spread and treatment options are limited, October can be a difficult time.

So as we reflect on the research successes, improved survival and how far we have come in treating breast cancer, let us also pause this October for the women who unfortunately will not survive.




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    A simple and factual piece by Maxine, those ladies we farewell are an inspiration and the reason I get out of bed and make the most of my life everyday.



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    Sadly I farewelled a friend to secondary breast cancer this month. She was a previous community Liason officer for BCNA and a true inspiration to me. She like Maxine described despite her own illness always continued to support others around her.
    RIP Dear Kitty, I miss you xx