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Now I've completed chemo and Radiotherapy.  I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you going through this stuff of how brilliant the Nurses and other staff are  at both the Oncology centres and Radiotherapy Centres.


South Eastern Private Hospitals Team are wonderful.  Michelle, Grace jane, Jan and others were so good to me especially when my veins refused to 'like' the red cordial and it seeped into my hand and lower arm.

We then went for a PICC line in the upper arm and that resulted in a thrombosis but all of the time those great Nurses were there supporting and helping me.

Next we moved onto Radiotherapy and the guys and girls at Peter mac in Moorabbin confirmed just how special these people are who deal with not only breast cancer but other types of cancer.

They might seem relaxed but they're constantly keeping an eye on how you and your skin is reacting to treatment.

Thankyou so much to all of the staff involved in my treatment and hopefully I won't need to see you know what I mean!


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    Congratulations on finishing your chemo and radio, and i know what you mean by the staff at the hospital, i had my treatment in Royal Adelaide hospital, and i couldn't ask for better, the nurses and doctors, and radioligists are definately special people, and i am sure they see some sorry sights, but through it all they can still manage to stay cheerful for others. and yes they are the ones we hope never to have to use again,  Hope things are going good for you, regards Moira