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I am 39 and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last May. I was 38

April last year I noticed a lump behind my nipple about the size of a large apricot  I thought it was an inflamed gland.  I discussed it with a friend, she said she had something similar and her GP said it would go down in a couple of weeks.  So I forgot about it.

I thought I was too young and had no family history of breast cancer, so I was okay to leave it.  Three weeks later though, it was bigger, I asked my mother who was a nurse for 40 years.  She flipped and promptly made an appointment for me at the Women Health Clinic in Northbridge.

I went to my appointment and the doctor checked the lump and also did a pap smear.  She booked me in for tests at 7:30 the next morning for a Mamogram, Ultra sound and a biopsy.

Mum came with me the next morning for the appointment.  Things had started to move with some urgency, but I was still oblivious at this stage.  I think Mum was concerned. 

The mamogram was not as bad as I had thought.  Next I had the ultrasound.  They told me that I was to come back at 1pm for the Biopsy as I guess they needed time to read the scans. 

1pm rolled around and they took me into a room for the biopsy.  I thought perhaps that they could pop this lump and run some tests, but that would be the end of it.  Instead They told me I needed a core biopsy, which required a bigger needle, which they would do under a local.  It left an awful big bruise and I felt quite tender afterward.  I was told to expect results on Wednesday that they would send to the Womans Health Clinic.

On Monday afternoon, I received a phone call to come to the Womans Health Clinic the next morning for my results, I thought, that's nice and quick.

On Tuesday morning Mum insisted on coming in with me to get my results, I said, "lets go in two cars, so I can continue onto work after the appointment" - still the optimist.  I was called into the doctors office and she opened the file and read the results to me.  She said the results were positive for Oestrogen Based Breast Cancer (in more techinical terms)  The lump measured 5.5cm's and I needed a Breast Specialist to arrange the course of action.

My world stopped, Mum gasped out loud, I was numb, I didn't know how to react.  I dont even a cold.  Why have I got cancer...?



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    Hi Alexandra,

    I also was diagnosed at 38 end of last year with a form of breast cancer called phyllodes tumor,which I had to have a  mastectomy.

    I wondered why this has happen to me, but we all think its not going to happen to us, and I think at first it shocks us, well it did me, maybe its for a reason thats the only explanation as its not genetic for me .

    Think possitive and stay stong, sounds like you have the support of your mother,  and all will be good with you.

    take care