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I am interested in talking to a lady or someone who knows someone who has been diagnosed with a secondary breast cancer that is in the spine.

I had major surgery last year, had 2 vertebraes removed and I have 2 rods holding me up and would love to chat to anyone with something similar to me


  • Di_BCNA
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    Hi Deb, welcome to the network :) 

    There is a group for women living with advanced breast cancer if you want to ask there. Just click that link and you can request membership. .

    If you'd like to do a search for other network members with similar experience, there's a couple of ways you can do that:

    • go to the network search page and search using the categories there
    • or, use the general site search (at the top of the page where it says 'start your search here') and type in 'secondaries'. You'll see that the results have a tag on the right side that lets you know if it's a page, or a blog post, etc.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy the network! :)