Relay for Life - North Shore

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I have wondered if i should continue to hide or get right out there and help those that have helped me. I am feeling a little positive about it. So I will walk the relay.


  • CarmelS
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    Good on you Maria. The Relay for Life is also on in Canberra this weekend. Our beautiful middle son Michael is our dedicated walker  (usually for my mum, died of Multiple Myeloma & Dad of Lymphoma)  & this year its apparently all about me (for him !)  so once again this year he is getting ready for it ......he has raised $500 this year & is very proud of himself & so are we. I think a lot of our friends & family are a little more generous this year; even though I never had to ask for help from the cancer council , we pointed out the fact that they pour money into research as well. Not exactly pulling on their heart strings....just a gentle tug !!   I don't think I would last a lap at this point so am pleased to support those that can. Have a great weekend, hope you have some fun along the way. Carmel